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Collaborative ChatGPT for your team

Shared workflows & prompts

Make your team more productive with shared workflows, templates and library of prompts.

Unlimited requests

Voilà for Teams includes a shared pool of requests with access to the most powerful language models, such as GPT-4, and unlimited requests to standard models like GPT-3.5.

Content creation

Voilà is fine-tuned to help you write a wide range of content, from blog posts and essays to professional, domain-specific documents in product development, UX, marketing, engineering, sales, advertising, and SEO.

Efficient communication

Simplify your team’s email management with Voilà. Draft and reply to emails quickly and professionally, helping your team maintain an organized inbox.

Research with Web Access

In-depth research capabilities

Equip your team with Voilà’s research capabilities. Access comprehensive, relevant, and reliable information from across the web, helping your team stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

Privacy and data security

With Voilà, you can trust that your data is secure. We prioritize your privacy and do not store content or AI conversations on our servers. We are GDPR compliant and CCPA ready, ensuring the utmost security for your team’s information.

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Collaborative ChatGPT for your team

Easy team management

Voilà makes it easy to manage your team, invite new members and manage your billing.

Works everywhere you do

Voilà works on all websites – from social media platforms to documents, tools, messages, and emails.

Voilà works on all websites

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