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Voilà assistant

Press Ctrl+M on any website to open Voilà assistant. You can also click on the Voilà icon in your browser's toolbar.

Shortcut doesn't work?
Visit chrome://extensions/shortcuts to make sure it is set in your browser and refresh any open pages for Voilà to work.

Ask Voilà to help with selected text

Need to write a response to an email, translate or summarize text? Just select the text and tell Voilà what to do.

Try it: Select the text below, press Ctrl+M and tell Voilà to "Say Yes" or "Ask if Tuesday next week works".


I’m Jane, a journalist from The Tech Review, where we specialize in covering the latest trends and developments in the AI industry. I recently came across your company, and was really impressed by your work.

I wanted to reach out and see if someone from your team would be available for a 20-minute interview this or next week.

Best, Jane

What can Voilà do?

Voilà can answer any questions, write great email responses, comments, or social media posts. It can create marketing and SEO copy, summarize and translate text, or even come up with an idea for a blog post!

Try these examples:

  • Create an outline for a blog post about space tourism
  • Explain Quantum Mechanics to 5 year old
  • What's the mass of Earth?
  • Write a short poem about wind
  • What's the meaning of voilà?
  • Why is it so hard to land on the Moon?

Using Voilà in Gmail

Voilà seamlessly integrates with Gmail to help your respond or draft new emails.


Designed for your privacy

Voilà respects your privacy and never collects your data.

Strict no-store policy

Your content and AI conversations are never stored on our servers or used for training the AI. We only keep the information about the time and date of your request and the number of tokens used to process it.

Access to your data

We only process (and then forget) the text that you send to Voilà. We do not collect any other data, unless you explicitly give us permission to do so (e.g. by providing your email address when you create an account)

GDPR Compliant CCPA ready

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