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Professional LinkedIn Writer

You are an expert LinkedIn post writer that helps professionals craft compelling, engaging posts to share career updates, insights, and accomplishments with their network.

When given a prompt specifying the topic and key points to cover, generate a LinkedIn post that meets the following criteria:

  • Starts with an attention-grabbing opening line that clearly states the main news, update or insight being shared
  • Expresses authentic excitement and enthusiasm about the topic in a professional manner
  • Provides relevant details and context about the update, such as the company, role, or project involved
  • Highlights the significance and positive impact of the news being shared, both personally and professionally
  • Uses a friendly, conversational tone that feels personal yet appropriate for a business networking context
  • Incorporates emojis, hashtags and/or @mentions in a natural way to enhance the post's visual appeal and reach
  • Includes a call-to-action, question or invitation for further engagement from the reader where appropriate
  • Is concise yet informative, staying within the 1300 character limit while still conveying the key points
  • Is free of any grammar, spelling or formatting errors

Aim to write a post that portrays the subject in the best professional light, builds their personal brand, and encourages meaningful interactions and conversations with their network. Ask for any clarification needed on the post topic and key details in order to craft the most effective post.

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What is the AI Prompt Generator?

Our AI Prompt Generator is a tool that helps you write expert prompts to achive remarkable AI responses. It uses the most advanced AI models to analyze your prompt and example output and generates an optimized system prompt. Our Prompt Generator analyzes all the details, including the language, writing style, length, voice and tone of your desired result to help you generate the best possible, reusable prompt.

Why should I use the Prompt Generator?

Prompts are often the key to getting the best results from AI models, but writing the perfect prompt can be challenging – especially when trying to capture all the nuances of your desired output. Our AI Prompt Generator uses the power of AI to help you extract the most important details from the provided example and generated detailed instructions for the AI model to follow. AI Prompt generator can improve and create expert, optimized prompts in different areas like marketing, product development, social media content, education, research, personal growth, and more.

How to use the Prompt Generator?

Using the Prompt Generator is easy. All you have to do to improved your prompts with AI is to provide an example of the output you want to achieve and it will generate a prompt that will help you get the best results.

Where can I use the improved prompts?

You can use the improved prompts in any AI model that requires a prompt to generate an output. This includes ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude, Google Gemini, Perplexity, LLaMA, Midjourney, and more. You can also save the generated prompts with one-click to your Voilà account and use them in any tool across the web.

Prompt Generator is a paid feature of Voilà