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Use the current page as context

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024

TL;DR Voilà understands the content of the current page and can use it as context for summarization, automation, and other tasks.

Voilà can use the current web page for summarization, automation, and other tasks. This feature is useful for creating summaries of long articles, extracting information from the page, or turning the current page into a new form of content.

How to use Voilà with the current page

  1. Open Voilà: Open Voilà on any web page and click the "Use current page as context" button in the bottom right corner.

  2. Enter instructions: Provide instructions to Voilà on what you want to do with the page. You can ask Voilà to summarize the page, extract key points, turn the page into a blog post, or just chat about the information in the page.

Alternatively, you can make Voilà use the current page as context by selecting “With this page” from the library of prompts, or using the template tag {PAGE} in your prompt.

Chat with the current page

Other prompts to try

Try this prompt:

Turn Wikipedia page into a fun quiz!

"Turn page into a fun and engaging quiz. Create three questions about the most important facts and provide 3 possible answers for each question. Make sure the position of the correct answer is random. Always ask questions one at the time. Tell me how I did at the end. Now ask me the first question."