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Mind blowing tool

It's the best one till the date I used it. I have tried more than 100 AI tools but nothing like Voila. It's just amazing gives high quality content with so many in buit options.

by arun_tomar

I love it

I must admit, I am often tempted to buy apps on AppSumo. Some of them are perfect, and I use them, some are sitting on my l hard desk or online, and I wouldn't even know how to access them. And some are top stars. Voila is one of the absolutely brilliant apps and since I purchased it, I used it daily. Thumbs up and I really love it

by Anonymous

A great plugin, one of best!

Great satisfaction. The best AI tools i have ever got. I could give 10000 tacots !

by aimepingi

A+ Plugin

This plugin is awesome. Powerful co-pilot for your browsing session. When I need look up something quickly without averting my gaze, this is the tool I use. My productivity has increased noticeably.

If you didn't get the deal, it's okay you can achieve the same thing using chatgpt and some copy paste. It's just a convenience thing...
Of the paid plugins, I have tried many, this one is affordable and allows you to use your api key at a low cost. Only thing missing is API, if they had an API, they can compete with Preplexity.
Merlin is also another plugin, I think very close competition with Voila. Still Voila is more affordable and the youtube summarization is almost as good.

by Dukem

Love this AI tool

I already doing many things with Voila. Creating shorts videos, posting blogs, summarize any pages, etc.
Just organized and tested about this,

by ErinPak

I love this tool

The tool is amazing and it offers lots of nice feature i would highly recommend for everyone as it's very useful

by 112779531467775520526

Un outil révolutionnaire

Enfin j'y vois clair dans ma boite de réception !
Un outil complet qui promet de belles évolutions et surtout une gestion de la relation client au top, à l'écoute et ultra réactive.
Une fois que vous l'aurez testé vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer !

by laurianne.metzinger

A 5-Taco Winner

I absolutely love Voilà! It has made my daily writing tasks so much simpler and more enjoyable. The fact that I don't have to open a separate tab for ChatGPT is incredibly convenient. It's like having a personal writing assistant right at my fingertips. The experience is not only efficient but also incredibly fun. The owner of Voilà is highly responsive and their dedication to providing excellent support is truly commendable. Supporting their efforts feels great. Voilà has limitless potential, limited only by your imagination. I highly recommend Tier 2 for an even more enhanced experience. It's definitely worth it!

by Jaya

just fabulous

You definitely won't regret getting Tier 2 of this amazing tool.

by 3bdosh


In the first 5 minutes of purchase, I found a great amount of value in this tool. I'm blown away at how easy this is to use and the info it provides in my business situations. This tools is a must have. I love the fact that it is in my browser and always ready to go.

by PMOAgility

Awesome AI assistant

The ability to set and save custom prompts has replaced several extensions such as translate, rephrase etc...
Highly recommended!

by leK

Freelance designer

I find it a blissful tool and couldn't live without it. I use it daily. It's nice that I don't have to go to a website of e.g. ChatGPT, login,... etc. A simple short cut and Voila. What would make the tool even better is if it could be integrated with Microsoft tools such as Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc. Bit like Microsoft Copilot, or even like Triplo.ai here on Appsumo. Now we are a bit limited to a browser extension. Hopefully in the future!

by Mark_Salden

I wish I knew about Voilà earlier!

I purchased Voilà a little over a week ago, and all I can say is I wish I had known about it earlier!! I am already using it many times per day, for many everyday tasks, saving me a lot of time. It's like having a personal assistant on tap. I thoroughly recommend Voilà as one of those tools that once you have it you'll wonder what you did without it. 5 tacos all the way.

by chrisjbourke

Very usefull

Very efective

by franalf91

Voilà la Révolution

I like it, it's 100% valid, it works very well, there's nothing to say, especially for the price I paid. But if you want to make a market, I think your subscription rates are too expensive, $24 a month when with OpenAI, I can also generate images for $20. However, congratulations, the extension is well made.

by Fornari

More Than Impressive

Wow! What a great product. Voila sits quietly on your browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc) until you hit Ctrl + M. Type or select what you want, select how you would like it written (Marketing + tone, change language etc) and the magic is done.

Arranging a Google call with Michal was easy and he took me through how to make the most of Voila in a personal 30 mins session.

Highly recommended!

by david.marsh

A Powerful Tool Designed to Enhance Your Productivity and Content Creation Process

Voilà' stands out as an innovative AI-powered browser extension that integrates seamlessly with your web experience, offering a fleet of features that assist in creating high-quality content and finding answers with ease. Its appeal lies in its universality, as it promises to be a trustworthy sidekick on any webpage you navigate.

First and foremost, ease of use is a crucial feature. 'Voilà', with its thoughtfully designed interface, provides a user-friendly experience that requires minimal learning curve. This allows for instant integration into your daily routine. One of the standout advantages is its accessibility; with a simple shortcut, you can summon 'Voilà' without interrupting your workflow.

Moreover, 'Voilà' shines in its versatility. Being a Chrome extension, it can be utilized across a myriad of webpages. Whether you're conducting research, compiling a report, or simply seeking to enhance a social media post, 'Voilà' is ready to assist you on any site accessed via the Chrome browser.

However, it's essential to discuss some of the limitations that potential users might encounter with 'Voilà'. A notable drawback is the local storage of history. This means that your interactions with 'Voilà' won't be synced across devices, which may be inconvenient for those working on multiple platforms.

Additionally, while 'Voilà' excels as a Chrome extension, it does indeed lack a native application for Windows, MacOS, or mobile devices. This restricts the utility of 'Voilà' to the Chrome browser, potentially leaving out users who prefer or require a more integrated app experience on their desktop or handheld devices.

by newmax

Love at first sight.

I have been using voila since the last launch and I would recommend getting Voila (Teir 2) and here is why.

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1. Personalized Content: Crafts messages that resonate with the desired tone and vibe.

2. Access GPT-4 Turbo for the high-end Tier (up to 6,500 Words)and you can also switch AI modes.

3. Efficient Query Responses: Delivers swift and precise answers to a range of queries.

4. The voice assistant is very responsive and efficient.

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- Pros
- Cons
- Use Cases
- What I Liked
- What I did not Like
- Final Verdict

by Katta.co

Voila: The AI Browser Plugin That Can Transform Your Workflow

I recently discovered Voila here on AppSumo, where I purchased their two-tier deal. After using it, I can confidently say that this AI assistant has significantly improved my content creation and SEO optimization experience within the browser, being able to use it in the window you are already working on is a game-changer.

Voila offers a suite of professional prompts tailored to various fields, including marketing experts, social media managers, and design consultants. This intelligent tool leverages cutting-edge GPT 4 and GPT 3.5 technology, with the option to choose one as your default engine. It has so many professional ready-made prompts, I have not tried them all yet, I've found its SEO optimization capabilities particularly valuable in enhancing an existing homepage, a task that Voila made efficient and time-saving.

This browser extension is versatile and can answer any question from looking up simple facts to explaining complex concepts directly in your browser. It's also convenient that Voila can be opened in several tabs, further enhancing its accessibility and ease of use. This feature saved me valuable time that I would have spent sifting through countless Google results. However, one area that could use some improvement is the occasional doubling of content, requiring some editing to remove the redundancies.

Another impressive feature of Voila is its ability to generate text that often passes AI text detectors. This speaks volumes about the sophistication of its underlying technology. The content produced is not only coherent and contextually relevant but also mirrors the natural flow and complexity of human language. This makes it a valuable tool for creating high-quality content that resonates with human readers and can pass through AI filters undetected.

Seamless integration with Gmail allows Voila to help you write thoughtful, timely messages and responses. The two-tier LTD offer provides unlimited access to both GPT versions while maintaining an impressive “fair limit” of 400,000 words for GPT-4 usage – notably more generous than alternatives I've used on the market.

One area where Voila could potentially improve is its chat storage functionality. While it does store previous chats, they cannot be reactivated. This means that sometimes, I find myself having to type more because I need to continue a chat to get my desired results. It would be a significant enhancement if the tool allowed for chat continuity. In some cases, it would also be nice to have it as a standalone app.

Lastly, the exceptional customer support provided by developer Michal further enhances Voila’s appeal. His attentiveness and dedication towards meeting user needs to make using Voila not just practical but enjoyable.

by karmeshvar

A True Gem of a Deal

The 5 star reviews on Appsumo are justified. Ive been using this everyday and the speed in which this delivers is really good. I dont know how they pulled off using chatgpt4 but the output is great and the custom feature is my fav.

The only con is it only works within the browser (for now) and I wish there was a way to minimize and open again without the data disappearing. Yes, you can go into history but it takes a little bit away from the efficiency aspect of this. But other than little minor things, this deal is a steal.

I hope they will be around for a long time as this is a great tool. And to think, I almost returned it. That wouldve been a bad decision. GL to the team. Awesome job so far!!

by buzzreachmedia

Lacking features

Missing too many features and does not allow to specify GPT4 + web use only with own API key

by SuzzB

One of my top favs!

I use Voila a lot, it is one of my top fav purchases from AppSumo! The way you're able to save your own prompts and easily send content to the Chrome extension, makes Voila really powerful! Get the unlimited plan, it's worth every penny.

by chadf

Life-Changing Efficiency with Voilà!

Ever since I snagged Voilà, it's been a game-changer! No joke, it's become my daily digital companion for all things short content. Before Voilà, I was constantly hopping over to chat.openai.com, but now? I haven't looked back once!

This tool is phenomenal! Whether you're drafting quick emails, brainstorming ideas, or need a speedy content fix, Voilà handles it all with finesse. It's not just a convenience; it's a necessity. The more I use it, the deeper I dive into its capabilities, and guess what? I fall more in love with it every single day.

If you're on the fence about giving Voilà a try, consider this your sign. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in streamlining your workflow like you wouldn't believe. Grab it, use it, and prepare to be wowed!

Actually my own words for the Voilà generated text above were: "write a 5 tacos review for Voilà to publish on AppSumo, the main idea would be: I'm using Voilà every day since I got it for short content which previously I had to go on chat.openai.com. Since I have Voilà I think I never went back to chat.openai.com. This tool is amazing, a must have and I just love it! I discover it more and more and I like it more and more."

So you decide! Isn't it just amazing?

by victorpastor

Value for Money!

it's an excellent tool for anyone looking to enhance their content quality and workflow.
Don't have any app for mobile. But for the Laptop or PC This is Value for Money. The best Part is Chatgpt 4 and Web access.

Hope in the future they will work on it.

by dmgravity

Surpassing Expectations - Dont miss this one : )

The extension is truly impressive and keeps improving with each update, providing new enhancements and capabilities.

When comparing the user experience to other plugins I have used, such as HARPA and MaxAI, I believe there is room for improvement. Both of these plugins operate without the need for a pop-up window. However, I am optimistic that we will see this change in Voilà soon. Ultimately, this tool continues to improve and surpass expectations.

In summary, Voilà is on the right path, continuously improving to help users accomplish more in less time.

Tier 2 for me is a no-brainer at the moment since we all know that this deal will not last. Buy it before it's gone, or you'll regret it. Period. Take it from me; I passed on this deal the first time it went live, and this time around, I went for Tier 2 and am not looking back.

by gs-sumo


Firstly, I must declare that I am a Tier 2 user.

This is the most valuable product I have ever purchased on AppSumo. The combination of custom action and high-quality prompts available online maximizes the value of this product.

I use it daily now. In today's world, where the internet is inundated with spam, using AI tools to process web information can significantly enhance your work efficiency. Not being adept at these AI tools now is akin to not knowing how to use Google in 2008.

If I must point out a downside, it would be the few hours when the ChatGPT API was down recently. It felt as uncomfortable as modern humans being thrown back into the primeval jungle.

Highly recommended.

by Xiie

The Last AI Tool I Didn't Know I Needed

If you're like me you're probably tired of hearing about ChatGPT and how AI is going to change the world or take over human civilization. If you're on AppSumo you probably bought some AI product that you kind of regret now that ChatGPT is out. I mean what can any of these tools do better or cheaper than ChatGPT? The answer is not much. This product isn't even a web app you can use anywhere. It's a browser extension with ChatGPT-like features.

So why on earth would anybody pay such a ridiculous price for a browser extension that basically does what ChatGPT but without some of the extras like plugins? Sounds like another unwanted expense.

Honestly, I was skeptical about this browser extension. I'm still haunted by the bills for some the AI products I bought here and elsewhere. I can say without a doubt that this is one of those "products you didn't know you needed". Until the day ChatGPT comes with their own browser extension, you'll want to check this out.

The main feature or draw is the ability to integrate ChatGPT functionality anywhere you are on the web whether it's social media, documents, spreadsheets, email, or even blogs. You can summarize, analyze, translate, or remix any blob of text you find on the web. You can use it to write replies for you for emails that require a response (i.e. "answer yes to this email"). The possibilities are endless with custom prompts too.

- Use AI anywhere on the web without having to switch browsers and lose your concentration
- Works flawlessly with Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers (many extensions just target Chrome)
- Ability to trigger with a shortcut on any website (you can select text and it will be used as input)
- Custom prompts you can use to automate anything that can be turned into a prompt
- Saved history (only 30 days)

If you can figure out a way to craft a prompt that does something, you can add it to Voila and boom, now it's easy as pushing button. Whatever you use ChatGPT for to accomplish boring tasks, in most cases you can do it faster with Voila.

In addition to the generous usage limits you can even add your own OpenAI API key. This will ensure that you can continue to use the extension for as long as it remains compatible with the browser if everything came to a halt.

I didn't even know this product existed until a few days ago but my friends couldn't stop raving about it so I reluctantly gave it a spin and here I am!

by Anonymous

Using this every day

I've been using this everyday. Almost every time I have something to get done, it impresses me with what it brings back. I've been using it to help research my latest book.

by revtrev

Incredibly useful browser extension at a Bargain

Voilà extension is very useful and easy to use. The first Tier for anyone needing a handy GPT integrated in any browser is a bargain. I personnaly opted for the highest tier when it first appeared on AppSumo and since then I use it for personnal and profesionnal purposes.

by aaarrom

One of my Favorite AppSumo Purchases

This software is absolutely worth investing in. This program is continuously impressing me of it's abilities and selection of functions. I would highly recommend this for people in many different types of work and industries. Value is seen almost immediately upon using the browser extensions. Worth your time, worth getting. I purchased a Tier 2 and will never rethink this decision. Great work to This software is absolutely worth investing in. This program is continuously impressing me of it's abilities and selection of functions. I would highly recommend this for people in many different types of work and industries. Value is seen almost immediately upon using the browser extensions. Worth your time, worth getting. I purchased a Tier 2 and will never rethink this decision. Great work to the coders of this including (but not limited to); Michal Šimonfy. Great Job on this one.

by sturdyflame2

Best purchase of this year.

I absolutely love this product! I have been searching for something like this for such a long time. I believe that continuous updates and improvements can really elevate Voila to become an exceptionally remarkable product.

by Riazul

Day to day AI assistant, useful !

I think I can say my level of knowledge and expertise, and my involvment in AI are quite high. Tools such as Voilà could be considered as peanuts but.. how handy and useful it is in the day to day life ! Quick access for writing purpose, some features such as custom actions are also pleasant for some trivial tasks.

For voilà to survive in the next coming months (and even weeks..) I do expect they speed up the enhancements to bring features like file upload and API and/or Hooks to connect third party apps, and be part of the AI revolution that is just starting. Else, as lot of other AI quickly shipped tools / SaaS, they will close their doors as fast as they opened them.

Tier2 for me, no brainer at the moment. I'll refund in less than 60 days if they don't demonstrate they are involved in bringing Voilà to the next step : interconnection, data management, assistants.

Anyway, handy tool for the day to day !

by ChristopheHK

gracias por existir

That's it

by jeremidelacruz

Just buy it

Buy it before it's gone, or you'll regret it. Period.

by ImanolWP

Voilà! Your Essential Daily Assistant

Voilà has truly been a game-changer for my daily tasks and workflow. With its web access and the incredible GPT 4 technology, it's become an essential tool in my life.

The convenience of navigating the web and the accuracy of the assistance provided make Voilà a must-have for anyone seeking daily support. It has simplified my life and made my tasks more manageable.

Voilà is the ultimate tool for enhancing productivity and streamlining your daily routine.


by Melo

Love at first sight.

I have been using voila since the last launch and I would recommend getting Voila (Teir 2) and here is why.

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1. Personalized Content: Crafts messages that resonate with the desired tone and vibe.

2. Access GPT-4 Turbo for the high-end Tier (up to 6,500 Words)and you can also switch AI modes.

3. Efficient Query Responses: Delivers swift and precise answers to a range of queries.

4. The voice assistant is very responsive and efficient.

Read Full Review:


- Pros
- Cons
- Use Cases
- What I Liked
- What I did not Like
- Final Verdict

by Avinash.Katta

Use it daily

I use this one heavily, needs Tier 2 to access gpt4 and live web search by gpt. I haven’t bothered saving my own library of prompts yet but that will add even more to the power of this tool. Please developer add it to mobile browsers as well. 5 stars

by onetaste

on its wait to become your only AI assistant

Voila simply does it all when it comes to SEO,Marketing transcribing,transalting analyzing existing web pages above all have the ability to serve as your All in one AI assistant think about it like a Custom GPT but one that does it all. The future looks birght especially analyzing the current roadmap which seems ultra exciting. Web and mobile support is coming as well as adding additional LLM like claude and others to the mix.

One piece of suggestion for the team is to add API access to add Voila to tools like Zapier and active pieces for AI+Automation combo killer feature. i would highly suggest and recommend revising this feature as it would add tremendous value to already a tremendous AI assistant. Thank you team and good luck with your Future endeavours!!

by Diamondely

Effortless GPT Interaction: Voila Exceeds Expectations!

As an experienced AI backend developer and enthusiast, I must say that Voila is one of the most enjoyable solutions I've encountered for quick, tactical interaction with GPT. It's quickly become part of my daily routine. I don't write many reviews, but I felt compelled to share my thoughts on this tool because "I've seen some stuff."

* Quick and easy information retrieval: Voila is my go-to solution whenever I have brain fog or need an immediate answer. Compared to other ways of querying models (including scripts/tools, OpenAI Playground, and ChatGPT), good old-fashioned Googling, and a smattering of different tools, Voila saves me time and effort. (Don't even get me started on search engine chat. Yuck.)
* Fast and reliable: The speed at which Voila allows you to do what you need to do is impressive. It's an ideal choice for people who value efficiency.
* Surprisingly developer-friendly: As someone who has worked with language models since their inception, I'm delighted-- and shocked-- by how well Voila caters to my needs and fits into my workflow.
* Already seeking it out: I've been opening Chrome to use Voila instead of the other way around. Although I have multiple tabs open for Playground, ChatGPT, and various IDEs - all with projects I don't want to interrupt - this tool still stands out as the first standalone chat-style integration that isn't intrusive or annoying.

* Limited newline functionality [NOTE: THIS CON HAS BEEN NEGATED! Shift+return works fine]
* Trapped in Chrome: While it works great as a Chrome plugin, having wider platform compatibility or a standalone app would make Voila even more versatile. Direct integration into other contexts would be incredible.

While it has the same hiccups and limits as the API, I can't rightfully call that a con. I have spent enough time with ChatGPT and talking to the models directly to recognize what it looks like when OpenAPI is having a bad hair day. It's a small price to pay for the speed of getting my answers quickly, and it's the same penalty I'd incur elsewhere. One of the challenges with chat right now is that you get to pick your poison: fast with occasional hiccups or slow with long, mysterious, annoying pauses that are much worse UX than [cancel + regenerate.]

Overall: In my personal experience, Voila has exceeded my expectations regarding convenience and performance. Although there are some limitations, such as being a Chrome plugin, these factors don't detract from my overall satisfaction with this tool. For anyone looking for an easy way to interact with GPT, particularly for short, tactical tasks within their browser, I wholeheartedly recommend trying Voila.

I bought two codes and didn't look back. Excellent work!

by gale

Don't Miss This Deal

I highly recommend Voilà! It's one of the best deals I've come across in a long time. I suggest you go for Tier 2. It would be great if Voilà could add a chat feature with PDF support and more AI features. Additionally, a desktop application would be a welcome addition. Overall, Voilà is a fantastic tool.

by Ahmed


If I could hurl tacos at your head, you would be in trouble! This software is incredible, and I use it every single day. As a solopreneur wearing way too many hats, this deal has changed the way I work completely. I have time again, and I cannot thank you enough!

by thegildedprinter

Sleek and Intuitive UX, needs a mobile integration

Trialling the opportunity to experience Voilà at moment, and I must say, the user experience is top-notch. The clean and simple interface made navigating and using a breeze. very intuitive to use.

However, as a user who frequently relies on mobile devices, I eagerly anticipate the launch of a mobile version. Having Voilà accessible on mobile would undoubtedly elevate its utility and convenience, allowing users to harness its capabilities on the go.

In summary, Voilà's exceptional UX and browser performance make it a standout product, and I look forward to its potential expansion to mobile platforms.

4 tacos

by jameshayward

It's an amazing tool.

Hey there! I just wanted to share how awesome this product is. It has seriously simplified everything for me! Now, I don't have to bother with correcting things in another tab and going through the whole copy/paste process. It's such a time-saver! By the way, do you know if there's a mobile version of this? It would be super convenient to have it on-the-go too.

by 110253310370386904272

absolutely splendid

beautiful that this came back. I missed it earlier and was hoping for a comeback.

I hope there is an Android/OS App soon though. then its 6 tacos time

by Saimaen

My favorite Chrome extension

I've purchased Voila 6 months ago and it has become my most favorite Chrome extension.

One of the things I really love about Voila is that it is capable of using YouTube videos and websites as context.

What this means is that you can visit a YouTube video or website and ask Voila to perform a certain action like 'Write a blog post', or summarize this video.

This is just one of the many features. You can use it to reply to your emails, translate websites or use one of the many AI assistants and so much more...

If you like you can check out my full review on YouTube:


by Tim_Verdouw


I use this everyday. It does all the things they claim it does so there isn't much more to say.

by MarcLaClear

STOP! Now click BUY to get this amazing product while you can!

Voilà is seriously amazing straight out of the box in a million ways whether using it for work or personal use! But save a couple of custom prompts, and it's a life-altering game-changer. It might be my favorite, and it's likely my most used AppSumo purchase—and I daily use many of my AppSumo purchases.

First of all, Voilà is fun and works flawlessly. It gives me superpowers in many web apps and in my daily work, which includes writing, researching, and communicating. Practically any app you could buy on AppSumo will benefit in some way with Voilà.

As a random example, I can see a multitude of potential ways that Voilà would make an app like SendFox much more pleasant to use. ( appsumo.8odi.net/get-send-fox )

With a simple copy and paste Voilà is literally like having your own personal assistant doing your work for you across all your favorite apps (but faster, cheaper, and smarter). It saves so much time that you'll soon find that you can't live without her — uh...it!

SUGGESTION for creators (I'm begging): This would be the ultimate productivity tool if it could be used with desktop apps a little more directly.

This is one of the rare TRUE must-have tools, and saying it'll make your life better is no exaggeration. Once you start using it, you won't know how you survived without it.

There's a countdown clock to the right, so you should truly feel some FOMO right now...and if you don't purchase the top tier, you might be crazy. The extra features are worth far more than the cost. Seriously, don't miss out. I'm surprised it's available for Black Friday!

(I have no connection to, agreement with, or contact with anyone at Voilà and received no incentive to get me to write this. I just truly love Voilà!)

by vertigocreative

My go-to AI assistant that I rely on daily

I consistently find myself turning to Voila more than any of my other AI-related tools. With the limited hours in a day, it's important for me to maximize efficiency, and Voila has been instrumental in that regard.

Upon its purchase, I immediately opted for Tier 2, drawn by the exclusive GPT-4 support that Voila offered at the time. This advanced capability has not only met but exceeded my expectations, solidifying Voila as an indispensable asset in my daily routine.

[This review was written with the assistance of Viola.]

by jiwon3xd

This is without a doubt my best purchase on appsumo and I have bought quite a few things.

This is the Usain Bolt of the software I have purchased from Appsumo. It wins by several bodies. The Custom Actions feature has raised my productivity by x 100. Kudos to the Voila team. Prospective buyer don't hesitate!!!!

by PacoBurgos

One of my best Appsumo purchases ever!

Literally, this tool has saved me ton of hours and money. I have been able to create custom code which WORKS that would have otherwise costed me quite a hefty bucks.
My only question is on gpt-4 as I’m not sure if it’s actually using gpt 4 behind the scenes.


by SandraSumo

The Thing Is A Bull On Steroids

Absolutely incredible.

It's like you have a bull that has overdosed on steroids. A machine!

Ever wondered about the boundless possibilities Voila holds? Oh boy, let me tell you...

- Requesting house/apartment viewings with an astounding acceptance rate of over 93%. Takes only about 25 minutes with Voila.

- Unleash the power of change management and planning, skyrocketing revenue to a staggering 85k. Achieved in approximately 65 minutes with Voila.

- Strike lucrative deals and welcome an $87 million company on board in just around 40 minutes with Voila.

- Rewrite job advertisements, boosting conversion rate from 5% to an impressive 13.7% directly. A mere 10 minutes with Voila.

- Integrate and refine your very own marketing framework as a Voila template. Invest approximately 1 hour, and witness the unbelievable, awe-inspiring results.

- Summarize crucial pages, such as your target audience, benefits, and the intricate framework behind them. All it takes is roughly 15 minutes with Voila.

- Ever wished you could sound as persuasive as the legendary Gary Halbert himself? In just 5 minutes, Voila can make it happen.

- Discover a trick that allows you to extract all the valuable content from books. Prepare to be amazed in only 2 minutes with Voila.

- Conduct comprehensive tests to compare insights from multiple books and extract their quintessence. A mere 13 minutes with Voila.

- Create first-class recipes tailored for specific purposes, turning them into instant bestsellers. Just invest around 20 minutes with Voila.

- Transform spoken words into written text effortlessly and simultaneously. It's an insane time-saving feature of Voila.

- Adapt your marketing copy to a different target audience, leveraging the success of highly converting competitors. With Voila, it takes only about 17 minutes.

- Develop captivating image prompts for promotional campaigns with astonishing speed. Witness the magic in just 1 minute with Voila.

And that's just scratching the surface of what this tool can do. The possibilities are truly endless.

Voila is not only mind-blowingly awesome, but also as intelligent as its user allows it to be.

Admittedly, compared to opanai's chatgpt, the output may be slightly slower, but let's be honest, that's nitpicking at its finest.

P.S. Missing out on this deal isn't a sign of foolishness; it's a conscious decision one would later regret. So, don't wait any longer! Embrace Voila and unlock a world of infinite possibilities.


by creativecontrarian

The Best Deal I've Bought So Far

I am fortunate to have purchased many lifetime deals over the past few years.

Far and away, Voila is my number one used lifetime deal. I use it every single day as my interface to ChatGPT. I don't like the OpenAI/ChatGPT interface at all. I absolutely adore the ease of use and flexible interface of Voila.

I hope they will add the option of other models like Claude.

I never expected Voila to return as an LTD. Grab a full stack while you can!

by ASumoling

An Exceptional User Experience

Voila has an impressive user-friendly design and functionality.
Chrome plugin allows the access to the tool from anywhere.
It stands out for its pre-built custom prompts, designed to cater to a wide variety of needs and preferences.
Custom prompts proved useful in numerous scenarios, from drafting a certain tone of an email to generating creative content.
A fantastic resource that combines usability with powerful functionality.

It’s an excellent tool for assisting with digital communication needs. Highly recommended.

Among all the tools I bought through AppSumo, this one is the most easy and effective in its usage.

Sure shot 5 tacos.

by OWS


I tested the software; and I asked questions about people, research, I asked about myself. I asked for it to plan a 3 day trip to bangkok. I even asked to find me the cheapest flights.
I am busy, and have been, but I'm so interested in really exploring the opportunities on this one. Well done, a fantastic purchase :)

by emil.direct

Incredibly useful tool

Out of all the purchases I’ve made on AppSumo, Voilà has quickly become one of my favorite tools. Even though I’ve only been using it for a week, I’ve already experienced how incredibly useful it is. The quick access to an AI assistant has been a game-changer and has helped me save a significant amount of time. Although Voilà hasn’t completely taken the place of other tools like ChatGPT in my workflow, it has proven to be incredibly convenient for tackling small writing and research tasks quickly. It would be even more amazing if I could access Voilà from any location on my computer, as it is currently limited to being a Chrome extension. But perhaps this is something that could be developed in the future. If it ever comes back on AppSumo, please don’t hesitate to make a purchase. I strongly recommend Voilà!

by Anouk

WOW my PA+Chat GDP at my fingertips

I must admit i do use other tools as well, but having voila as an extension and accessible via shortcut makes it so much more usable.
Taco-Love at first sight. Finaly a great tool again on appsumo!

Good Luck and progress Michal + Team

Very good work so far!

by Monschmeister

I'm truly amazed with this product!

I've bought a lot of software through AppSumo over time and decided to get Voila before it was no longer available. It seemed interesting, but I wasn’t sure if I really needed it. However, I decided to give it a try.

I must say, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of this software. It could possibly be the best software I have bought from AppSumo, which is saying a lot considering I have purchased a few good ones. Without a doubt, this is the best $29 I have ever spent. Thank you so much for this excellent product. It has become my go-to tool!

by chrishatley565


Thanks for listening to the LTD community wish u all the best.

by mohammed93

My Totally Indispensable and Trusted AI Assistant

To say that I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase of Voilà is an understatement!

From providing quick and accurate responses to assisting me with various tasks, Voilà has truly become an indispensable part of my daily life. Its ability to understand and adapt to my needs is truly remarkable.

It’s like having a knowledgeable companion by my side at all times. I no longer have to spend hours searching the internet for answers when Voilà can provide them within seconds.

Overall, I highly recommend Voilà to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient virtual assistant.

Voilà is an investment that I’m extremely happy with and can't live without. If I could give more than 5 tacos, I would!!!

by rnilsen


Title: An innovative experience with the Voilà app!

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

I am absolutely blown away by the Voilà app. This application has exceeded all my expectations and has made my daily life much easier and more organized.

The interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate, making the user experience extremely enjoyable. The features are useful and practical, allowing me to improve my productivity and efficiency in many aspects.

One feature that I particularly love in Voilà is the ability to customize and adapt to my needs. The application learns from me and provides useful suggestions and reminders that are specifically tailored to my preferences.

Moreover, the support team is amazing. Whenever I have a question or need help, they respond quickly and in a very helpful manner. This application is not just a high-quality product, but it also has a high-quality support team.

In short, the Voilà app is an indispensable tool for anyone who values organization and efficiency. Highly recommended!

by ptpauloteixeira


Voilà is a remarkable app that has revolutionized the way I stay organized and productive. With its sleek interface and comprehensive features, it effortlessly caters to all my needs. The voice assistant is remarkably responsive and efficient, making tasks a breeze. The seamless integration with various platforms and personalized recommendations truly set Voilà apart. The exceptional customer support adds an extra touch of reliability. Voilà is a game-changer, elevating my productivity to new heights. Highly recommended!

by Tateeboy

Top Choice for AI Writer and bonus taco for UX

If you have ChatGPT, this is the ONLY other AI writer you need... I have the others.. this is the one to buy

by TacoCapital


I purchased this Amazing product about a month ago, and I must say the amount of time I saved with this gem is Mind blowing. It's like I have multiple individuals performing for me and I don't have to beg them. I have a request Bam it's filled. Kudos to the team that Created this for everyone's use. The best part is I can go into the chat history if I need something or regenerate my ideas. Hats Off to the Team!!

by 100618803678517220734

Far more useful than most observers will realize

I almost overlooked this. I have numerous AI tools, including subscriptions to ChatGPT and others. While you can utilize Voila to create copy, where it is the most powerful is as a personal assistant.

It is unobtrusive, and just one click away - and it will save you a LOT of time. It can analyze and summarize web pages, content on your clipboard, and other content. It can provide you with quick answers and recommendations. It can schedule a calendar event on your google calendar. That's just for starters.

You can set up "pre-sets" which will perform multiple actions for you. For example, you could create a "trip itinerary" action that will prompt you for the beginning city and destination city, and give you a great trip plan with interesting stops along the way, all customized to your unique interests. You can use this multi-step action functionality in many other scenarios as well.

What I have described is just scratching the surface. If you are simply looking for something to generate boilerplate copy - while this can certainly do that - you are missing out on the real beauty of a tool that will save you time and improve your own personal productivity.

Some people will say, "I can do those things with other tools, or free tools." No, you can't. They simply aren't designed for personal productivity like this is. (Speaking as someone who also uses many of those other paid and free tools for bulk content creation.) Free tools also never stay free forever. Voila is being actively developed and will only get better.

Don't be one of those, "I just wish I had gotten it while I could" people.

by Anonymous


Voila is amazing and has tons of promise. I have dozens of tools and extensions for this type of solution and Voila catapulted into my must use everyday multiple times a day category.

I think the UX could be better. In that area I think a few other tools are better, but the speed, easy of use and results are phenomenal.

Keep up the good work y'all.

by davidwc8

Perfect for non native speakers

I use this tool every day as I don't work in my native language. I love it!

by stefania_laventure

Stonker of an AI at your fingertips

I love this it is my most used AI app. The latest chatgpt at your fingertips. Chrome plugin so can use it at work. I showed some of my colleagues at work as a heads up to what was going to come our way as knowledge workers and there were so many of them who went from baffled, to excited, to worried about their future careers.

I love the no limitations with the amount of words, the simple interface, the option to talk through the mic to lay the prompt, export to multiple languages, the app keeps the history of queries and the AI responses are referential to previous response structure.

Get it, this is basically what a lot of the other AI "solutions" should be doing but aren't. Look at the limitations in word count and then look at the low cost of the 2 stack, a no brainer.

by ManyWays

Hay un antes y un después de Voila

Después de probar varias apps de IA, ésta, es la mejor sin duda.
Es una extensión que lo único que le hace falta es hablar por ti. Todo lo demás, lo hace.
Ya no imagino el día sin Voila. Te hace la vida y el trabajo mucho más fácil y llevadero.
Lo recomiendo al 100%.
Date prisa y aprovecha esta oferta.

by Psicóloga-Emprendedoras-Online

I recommend this one

Lately, I have been avoiding anything AI. Early one, I jumped on board with many of the AI writers. Then, ChatGPT was easier and better than every one of them. Still, accessing AI to get help understanding an article or study is easier with a browser plugin that saves the trouble of trying to feed the content into the ChatGPT limited interface.

Before finding this tool, I was trying out a variety of similar Chrome extensions that wanted me to subscribe to their service, and none was any better than Voila. In fact, regardless of this being a lifetime deal, I prefer the Voila interface and functioning to all of the other similar ones I tried.

Having a Chrome extension that gives direct access to AI is useful, and this is the best one I have used, so I recommend it. Maybe someday this will be built into browsers, but it is not now, and this is a good deal.

by drleeds

Works Better Than Expected

With everyone "AI Crazy" right now, I honestly assumed I wouldn't like this service very much... but I was pleasantly surprised. I love it! It's so easy to use with the keyboard shortcut, I use it every day.

I just wish they had a Safari extension and something to use on mobile, which I'm told the mobile site is coming soon for AI use. I wish for these, because I love and use this so much!! 😊

by bobinwisc

I’m thrilled

I absolutely love using it every day to answer emails. It’s a real time-saver and the responses are incredibly accurate. I can’t get enough of it!

by DiMoon

Definitely enjoying it

Voilà is such a versatile tool - use it for spelling, light rewriting, "bouncing off ideas" or generating more consequential paragraphs, texts, and more.

I've found it most helpful in finding typos and being part of the rewriting process. Pick and choose from Voilà, pass it through again, agree or disagree, use your own words and read your final version. I've already had compliments on my writing (and let the cat out of the bag). I found chatGPT doesn't work through the process in the same way that Voilà does, or rather, I find it easier to grow and be pro-active in Voilà.

by maude



by Shinji

Voila Makes GPT Look Good!

Hello, Members:
I didn't believe the Voila reviews... but they were so consistent... I bought... I tested... and tested... and tested.

Voila results have been consistently more accessible... more on-point... more accurate... more intelligent... and more reliable than any other extension I have acquired.

With practice... I have learned a prompting pattern that coaches Voila to improve and refine its output... which has also served to improve and sharpen my own writing and editing prowess.

Now I use it between 5 to 20 x per day... and likely you all will too.

Hope this proves helpful.

Alan B.

by ab1kenobee

Don't miss this last chance

I’m thrilled to share my insights on the Viola Chrome extension, a tool that has become an indispensable part of my daily routine. This review is an unabashed declaration of my admiration for Viola.

To say that Viola is the best IA Chrome extension would be an understatement. It’s not just an extension; it’s a game-changer. I use it all day, every day, and it never ceases to amaze me with its efficiency and ease of use. It’s like having a reliable assistant who’s always ready to help, making my daily tasks a breeze.

One of the things that stands out about Viola is its adaptability. Whether I’m doing research, planning my day, or simply browsing the web, Viola is always there, making my life easier and more manageable. It’s like having a personal assistant right in my browser.

Moreover, the deal for Viola on AppSumo is a no-brainer. The value you get for the price is simply unbeatable. If you’re like me, always looking for ways to streamline your workflow and improve productivity, then this deal is a must-grab.


I like it but!

I had to request a refund because it didn't have a web help tool like many other products do, even though I liked it.
For instance, you need to find the icon on the Chrome extension every time.
But other than this it is perfect..

by Helgurd

Amazing tool, bought a few tier 2s for my team

Usually don't buy software multiple times, but this is really like having an incredible assistant that's easily accessible. The GPT4 access makes Tier 2 easily worth the price. Excited for feature roadmap developments.

by jesus396

My most used App Sumo Purchase

I use this daily, I mean hourly to be more efficient so I can spend my time doing more. Don’t hesitate to buy. This is well worth it! They are improving and integrating.

by mike.daniels


I accidentally stumbled upon this gem on the last day of the deal. I absolutely love it! Its clean UI, intuitive UX, and its speed are remarkable. Simple and powerful is the magic combination here.

by Gerald

Great Product, only one (easy to fix) issue

I was skeptical if I really needed this tool. Started at tier 1, actually found it quite useful, esp. that there is also a Firefox plugin. Using it more than once a day, every day.

Unser experience is really good, and many thoughtful details are considered.

The only issue I have is that it was mentioned in question, that in cases of high load, even if GTP-4 is selected, GTP-3.5 could be used as fallback for some replies/users, but there is no information given to the user about this fact (to the best of my knowledge). I hope this will be fixed, by adding in a remark in the response in these cases. That would remove that uncomfortable feeling, not being sure that I get the best response possible, without even noticing it.
I think that being able to explicitly set GTP-4 as model to use for answers is one main selling point of the plugin.

Also: Codehighlighting was recently added, great!

So overall 5 tacos.

All the best wishes for the future of this product, company and it's users. I'm very optimistic!

by r.krick

Great productivity tool

this is so good!

by hendrik51

Its addictive

I am enjoying this purchase. It has opened up so much inspiration for future products. I am very happy with it.

I am also pleased that its continuously improving. Cant wait to see what's up on the horizon.

by spelbound

Voila is really good -- at more than you might think

I picked up Voila (which is *very* reasonably priced), thinking it'd be handy for drafting e-mails and rephrasing text online.

I immediately found Voila to be much better than another similar LTD product I'd tried, but today I was having trouble getting my usual AI tool to write a summary, show-notes, and titles for me from a podcast transcript, so I thought, "I wonder what Voila would make of this?"

Voila indeed: It created snappy, relevant, compelling copy for all three tasks. I'm used to having to tweak AI copy, but this was good writing on the first try.

This is a powerful, capable tool! Many thanks to the developers for creating it.

by hamishmacdonald

Transformation of my travel blogs and sales emails

Since I began using the Voila app, my travel blogs and sales emails have been completely transformed in just three days. As a non-tech travel consultant, I have to admit that it has made a huge difference. Once I had learned the art of asking and framing my questions effectively, the results have been excellent.

Since incorporating Voila into my email responses, I have experienced a remarkable enhancement in open rates and favorable responses when reaching out to potential clients. It’s amazing how this app has helped me capture their attention and generate more leads. Now, I’m even working on enhancing my social media captions for my Instagram & Facebook accounts.

I am extremely happy that I purchased level 2 of Voila. It is definitely worth it, and without a doubt, this has been ONE OF the best products I have ever bought on Appsumo. The app’s features have truly made a positive impact on my travel business, making it easier for me to create engaging content that converts.

Highly recommended!

by big_world

Great Product

Voilà, your personal AI assistant, is a powerful tool designed to enhance your productivity. It offers several benefits that can greatly assist you in various tasks.

Very helpful: Voilà’s AI-powered capabilities enable it to provide valuable assistance in improving your writing skills. Whether you need help with content creation or generating ideas, Voilà can be a reliable companion.

Fast: With Voilà, you can expect quick responses and efficient performance. Its AI algorithms allow for swift processing and delivery of information, saving you valuable time.

Not on mobile: One limitation of Voilà is its lack of availability on mobile devices. While it provides exceptional support through web browsers, accessing it on the go may not be possible without a computer.

In conclusion, Voilà is a highly beneficial tool for enhancing productivity, particularly in writing-related tasks. Its ability to offer prompt assistance and contribute to content creation makes it an asset for users seeking to improve their writing skills. However, considering its limited accessibility on mobile devices, potential customers should factor this in when making their decision.

(mostly written by Voila) :D

One of the best purchases I made on Appsumo.

by Anonymous

Really Nice!

Amazing Software, and super fast. Almost everything you need. Thank you!

by PierrePlus2


A lot of AI products available but some just stand out and are simple at the same time.

I had some issue with activating GPT4 but I got a really fast reply.

Product 5*
Support 5*
Price 5*

I only hope it will integrate to Safari soon.

by cloud_enterprises

Great solution

Just when I thought I was done with buying AI Writers, Voila came along and I had to try it out for sure. I'm glad I did.

Purchased Tier 2 and will be sticking with Voila, it's on another level to any other AI Writers I've purchased. The roadmap also looks promising. Thanks!

by Juno_Sumo

Uniqueness has no rivals

I’ve explored numerous AI applications, incorporating AI elements in virtually every app I use, either as an inherent feature or for an additional cost. For the past 10 months, I’ve been utilizing ChatGPT on a daily basis, hence I am well-versed with its capabilities and the outcomes it can yield. Voila stands out as an exceptional app. For more details, do glance through their changelog: https://voila.canny.io/changelog

After journeying through dozens of apps over ten months, I must confess that Voila does impress considerably.

by Miroslav_Sazovsky


First seeing how it works, I'm a bit pessimistic because there are already a lot of AI/GPT based web extensions out there and most of them are free like Harpa.ai and Maxai.me. But when I use Voila, it really is Voila! Startling! How Voila is able to analyze the news, pdf, and come up with the right answers is amazing. And one more thing, the ability to search for information on the internet, online! Not even Harpa and Maxai could do that. I have high hopes for this app and look forward to what other amazing features it will bring.

by AndiMicro

Voila rocks

[This was cleaned up by Voila after bamming out some points into it - here is what it wrote]

Product Review: Voila Browser Extension

I recently purchased the Voila browser extension after reading several positive reviews, and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The fact that I opted for the 2-tier version turned out to be a wise decision, considering the seamless experience I have had so far between web pages.

One of the major advantages of Voila is its unlimited usage feature, which provides me with peace of mind. Since I started using this extension, it has consistently delivered excellent performance without any hiccups. Furthermore, it works flawlessly on my Vivaldi browser, which is based on Chromium.

** Forgot to add here - if you put the URL etc it will work with the URL specifically

Here are some pros of the Voila browser extension:

Responsive Support: The developer promptly addressed my query and provided me with the assistance I needed. This kind of prompt response adds value to the user experience.

Clean Interface: The interface of Voila is intuitive and clutter-free, making it easy to navigate and utilize all its features effectively.

Speedy Performance: Voila runs smoothly and quickly on different browsers, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users.

Multilingual Support: One impressive feature of Voila is its ability to provide output in multiple languages. This feature can be particularly useful for individuals who require translation services or deal with content in various languages.

Focus Mode: Voila’s focus mode allows users to concentrate on specific web pages by eliminating distractions effectively. This feature enhances productivity during online research or reading sessions.

Versatile Compatibility: Voila performs efficiently across various websites, ensuring consistent performance regardless of the platform you are using it on.

Tweet Feature: The ability to create threaded tweets or single tweets directly from Voila is simply amazing. It adds convenience for users who frequently engage on Twitter and simplifies sharing information through concise threads.

As for cons, at this time, I haven’t encountered any significant drawbacks with the Voila browser extension. The only issue I faced was related to a support question regarding an error connecting, but it turned out that the problem was due to GPT4 credits consumption rather than Voila itself.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Voila browser extension for its exceptional performance, responsive support, clean interface, and versatile features. It is an excellent tool for individuals who seek a seamless browsing experience with additional functionalities such as multilingual support and focus mode.

(((**forgot to add using with gmail also
i could go on lol)))

by Reg-B

A must have !

Yes I have a ton of AI tools but this replaces them all. So easy to use and the extension is built into anything I do online. Love it

by julian72

Amazing Productivity App

Initially, I resisted this having already bought other AI writing products.

Then I caved in after seeing the reviews and bought Tier 1, then quickly escalated my interest to Tier 2 after seeing the functionality at first hand.

I can now use Voila as my search engine, replacing Google, write emails like lightning, and also get website page summaries in a snap.

This is truly amazing and access to GPT-4 (and hopefully 5,6,7…) with a LTD is a very rare opportunity.

It will quickly become your virtual assistant and if this the starting point then the future looks very, very bright.

by Anonymous

Voilà ! This is a pure red love ❤️

It will be complete injustice if I use Voilà to write this review. So, I will keep it short. I love Voilà a lot and just want this to keep existing and growing forever and ever. Just don't disappear!! 🤩

by upstream


I am pleased with this product and hope for the best for its future, as well as the team behind its development.

Voilà is really good at forming messages to colleagues and other people in the business. I have started using Slack via a web browser so that I can reply with Voilà 🤓. I also like how it allows me to quickly check unknown terms without leaving my screen. It offers AI assistants specific to particular domains (business and marketing, design, development, law), which is super cool. I had a chat with a fellow designer and it was a good conversation! I added a couple of my own actions specific to my language and genre (answering in French as a female!).

Although the quality is already there, there are a few things that I believe need improvement before it can reach what we call the “convenient stage” in the UX Pyramid. Therefore, I am leaving you my feedback.

- I wish I could move the Voilà window around the screen and that it wouldn't block me out from interacting with the content of the browser, as often during iterations, I want to double-check the details which I'm relating too, scroll down, select another part of the text to iterate on it, etc. Because of this, I might need to reopen the particular page in a separate window to grab its content, which is not ideal.
- I wish I could decide on the mood (joyful, serious, casual etc) of my answers at any time
- Also, I would like to be able to continue some recent chats from history because since I have many tasks at hand, losing progress or not being able to see history is a bit frustrating (which happens once I close the window)
- As mentioned earlier: setting up my gender, so that it’s considered in language output.
- Creating folders for our own actions would be nice.

It might be a lot to ask... 😊 but you're doing a great job so far, so I'm sure you will know how to take your product to the next level.


by malgoperr

Unexpected taco explosion

When this first appeared, I bought the Tier 1 product thinking it was cheap enough that if I didn't find it useful, then so what. I played with it a bit, then more or less ignored it for several weeks. Then, ever so slowly, sometimes by accident, I started clicking the browser icon, or bringing it up with the Ctrl-M hotkey, and little by little, I found myself using it more and more to the point where it was my "Go to" entry into ChatGPT (and I've been paying for Plus). Having Voila! always just a keystroke away has made things scary easy and the more I use it, the more I want to use it. So, today, after however long it's been since I bought into Tier 1, I've upgraded to Tier 2. Thanks, Voila! Nice work!

by marcel0

Absolutely ma favorite

Tier 2. This is what I recommend.
The first initial try was so so as I noticed a strange error (voila was skipping words within sentences). I contacted the support and they fixed it literally within 24 hours.
So I decided to keep it for longer and I LOVE IT.
It helped me to write a book.
It helped me to write emails in a few languages.
Usually works fast.
And now yesterday they added some new features.
Especially great is that it's almost always available when I surf in the internet.
You can now even create a summary of the website you visit - just with one click.
It's like chat GPT under your mouse click.
I love this app.

by avatoria2000

The best tools I have purchased

Of the best tools I have purchased, it has truly increased my productivity significantly and improved the speed of task execution. Many thanks and appreciation to the Voilà team.

by wael.z.h.als

A fantastic AI productivity app!

A Godsend tool that has increased my productivity tremendously when using GPT! If you are still on the fence, go grab this gem! Don't let this gem get away!

PS. I initially got Tier1 but I've got to thank Carol Cho for recommending that I upgrade to Tier2! I fully trusted my fate in Carol's hands coz when I left my beloved poodles with her for safekeeping, she took them in without the slightest hesitation and provided them with much tender loving care!

Take Voila to the moon and beyond! xxx

by mahathirmohamad

Voilà: Revolutionizing Productivity

I've got to tell you, Voilà is a game-changer. It's not just a chat program, but a real virtual assistant that makes my job much easier. It can do the whole team's work by itself and does it well!

One thing I love about it is how it works with ChatGPT 4. You know, the thing that lets me save prompts and actions while automatically adjusting to what I'm doing? It feels like having a techie friend who gets what you're trying to do before you say anything.

What's cool about Voilà is how it helps you say things in a way your audience will understand. It puts in the hard work behind the scenes to ensure your message hits home, making communicating way more effective.

Also, as someone who designs websites, I was blown away by how Voilà can suggest ways to improve a page layout based on its content. This speeds up the design process and brings new ideas I might have missed otherwise.

To sum it all up, Voilà isn't just an assistant — it's like having a tool chest full of handy gadgets rolled into one easy-to-use extension. If you're running a small business or working professionally and want to get more done with less hassle, this AI helper could change how you work.

by JJones

My whole body is AI

Remember the movie Terminator it said my whole body is a machine.

I've now everything I need in 2023 to make bank.

God bless Appsumo team, some tools great some tools not but hey they give you the chance to try it.

I've now Writercream and this so perfect!

by ggs12

Digital Dreamer

I don't usually submit reviews, as I don't think I can bring any value, but I have to say that Voila is really a must-have. Since I use it, it has saved me infinite amounts of effort and time.
--------------------------- my own words above ------------------------------
---------------------------- with the help of Voila Below --------------------

Voila truly stands out as a must-have application. Its ability to streamline tasks and simplify processes is remarkable. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, Voila effortlessly tackles various challenges, making it an indispensable asset for anyone seeking efficiency in their daily tasks.

One of the standout aspects of Voila is its remarkable time-saving capabilities. By automating repetitive tasks and providing efficient solutions, it allows users like you to focus on what truly matters - whether that’s work, personal projects, or simply enjoying more free time. The sheer amount of precious hours saved thanks to Voila cannot be overstated.

Furthermore, the convenience and ease of use offered by Voila make it accessible to users of all levels of expertise. Its intuitive design ensures that even those who may be less tech-savvy can harness its power effortlessly. This inclusivity is undoubtedly one of the strong suits of this application.

by daniel.r.parente

Excellent AI tool for Chrome-based browsers

What I love most about Voila is that it’s available as a Chrome extension. You can use it to quickly summarize a webpage you’re on or a YouTube video you’re watching. Additionally, besides summarizing, you can also ask questions about the document or video.

Overall, it makes writing so much easier. It has replaced many tools that I used, such as Grammarly.

I haven't done much with GPT-4, but I'm glad that GPT-4 is an option.

by fongyang

Best Software I've EVER purchased!!

I've been on appsumo for a looong time, and have purchased some phenomenal software over the years. With that being said, Voila takes the cake!!! This is an amazing piece of software. Aside from being able to help with endless tasks throughout my work day, it's so easy to use. It was the software I never knew I needed, and now couldn't imagine not having!

One use case that it was incredibly helpful with was an e-mail to one of my team members. I needed to collect quite a bit of data from them, wanted it in a concise format, very detailed, etc. I put the prompt into Voila... "please write me an e-mail to my sales rep asking for this, this and this. I would like it to clearly ask for this, this and this. Please make this e-mail polite and courteous, but to the point and clear"

It came out perfectly!

Thanks to the team at Voila for creating such a great tool!!!

by JeffersonMil

Easiest access to AI for quick responses

Great idea to have a browser extension so that AI is available at your fingertips. And, with ChatGPT newer versions access, that's better than many currently.

by jeffbaygents

The best text quality among all tools tested

After my few weeks of testing, I can say that the text quality of **Voilà** in German is the best among all the tools I’ve tried.

One of the tasks, I do with Voilà is to transform podcast episodes into blog articles. Either directly from youtube or in the webpage that contains the transcription (e.g. Happyscribe). I’ve tried a few workflows before, but with Voilà, the texts are well-structured and meet my ‘tone’ of writing very well, without me having to write an elobarated prompt.
It also makes responding to general emails easier (more personal ones, I still write myself :)). The sentences are clearly formulated and it doesn’t sound “AI-ish”.

Another feature I use is Voilà’s ability to summarize YouTube videos. With just one click, Voilà provides summaries that are significantly better than what other browser extensions.

Another good point about Voilà is its integration directly on the webpage itself - that’s very convenient! It has made my life much easier, as I can directly relate my prompt to the texts on this webpage or select specific text passages - and don’t have to copy-paste.

To be able to process longer input texts (like transcripts), I opted for Tier 2 - and I think, Voilá will become one of my most valuable helpers in my content-creator business.

Thanks for this great tool! ✨

by maria_appsumo

So Glad I Bought This!

I got the tier 2 version of this gem and I love it!

Great outputs, super convenient access, updates have been making it even better, feature requests get voted on and considered, and I am constantly finding new ways it can help improve my workflow and get through brainstorming and writing blocks.

How has it helped me so far?

- book outlines
- video summaries (YouTube)
- rewriting content
- content ideas
- motivational quotes
- market and product research
- story plot expansion
- simplify concepts
- reel ideas
- monetization ideas
- and much more

I can't wait to see how Voilà will help me next!

(And no, I didn't need to use it or any other tool to craft this review)

Easy 5 tacos from me based on the experience it provides.

by jonathan520


Sehr schön

by amerspark986

Great tool

I absolutely love this tool, I use it most days instead of Googling and like the fact that it connects to my Google Workspace to add calendar events.

by mb3dgg00d

Saves me a ton of time

I am in love with this app!!! It saves me a ton of time, gives me ideas, and just a great all-around assistant that is always there. I just have one question, is there an app for my iPhone? I would love to be able to access this on the go. Thank you.

by yaya_diamond


This product is something you’ll find indispensable once you’ve become accustomed to its utility. Its practicality, coupled with the convenience of accessing it through a brilliantly designed extension, will expedite your workflow significantly while conserving your time and energy. A standout advantage, and one that cannot be overstated, is its adherence to GDPR regulations for data handling.

In an era where corporations can exploit your data gleaned from prompts and answers, potentially even selling it for profit, the importance of having a trustworthy AI provider like this one is paramount. This product comes highly recommended.

by pedersenmkm

An amazing tool

I have tried a bunch of AI writing tools and this has to be among the top 2 tools. I was not a fan of the chrome extension element but they made it such a fool-proof way that it is so easy. The outputted content is also great and I hope they would integrate some kind of fact-checking in the future which is the only feature lacking from my viewpoint.

by Jimmy-George

Only AI writer you will ever need.

Only AI writer you will ever need.

Definitely deserves 5 tacos. It’s an excellent tool that I use every day.

I’m looking forward to having a Grammarly-style AI writer within Gmail in the future.

by raj182

As Good and Better

I'm In at tier II: Multiple reasons First some things about AI

For creative writing this is GREAT. For factual writing you better know your facts because when ChatGPT doesn't know it will do just like most people do and punt based on the seed that you have presented. I read all the reviews before jumping in.

PROS: Great for storytelling. Expanding thought. Planning to a degree. You can use Voila as a page or plug in works both ways.

Only one or two Cons: COPY doesn't always copy to Memory, and actually that is part of the second con that there is no historical record like another program I have. I purchased both, but overall I like Voila better because of the quality of output I get using the same GPT. Just be sure to save your output to a second file to be sure it is there or even start there too.

Well I ran long as I wanted to use Voila to write the rest of my review:
When you do get it as even for $29 Tier one this should not be passed up.
Pop the following seed into your Voila when you get it for the remainder of my review.

SEED: Voila tell prospective buyers in Five short, 5 sentence paragraphs, about Voila and why they should purchase Voila: Include information about templates, tier levels on AppSumo, voice input, and any other features you think people would like to know. Note your last paragraph is a summary paragraph.

Yes I think this one is worth your time and effort to learn how to use. And like I opened with; you will still have to proof read output especially if it is "Factual" output.

by dubebill

Essential Blogging Tool

Using this to update old blog posts - WOW! A real joy to use!
Quickly adds FAQs and embellishes paragraphs where I feel more info is needed.
Just provide the keywords/phrases.

Very easy to use and has integrated seamlessly into my browser.
You could also use this to write articles - it would take several prompts.
It offers a very generous amount of word usage.

Here is an untouched sample:

What do you think of Appsumo?
AppSumo is highly regarded as a great platform for entrepreneurs, startup companies and freelancers. It offers a wide range of deals on digital tools and services which can be beneficial for boosting productivity and efficiency, from SEO tools to design resources.

Here are a few points that may help provide an objective view:

Variety of Deals: AppSumo offers deals on a large variety of software tools and digital services. This includes project management tools, e-learning courses, marketing automation software, graphic design resources, etc.
Affordability: The platform is known for providing lifetime deals at affordable prices which can be very advantageous for small businesses or startups operating on tight budgets.
Refund Policy: AppSumo has a generous refund policy where users can request refunds within 60 days of purchase if they’re not satisfied with the product.
Quality Control: While they do offer a lot of different deals, they also maintain quality control by working only with reputable software providers.

Some users have mentioned that there’s still some risk involved since you might end up buying products that you don’t end up using.
Sometimes the lifetime deal may not include access to all features or future updates.
It’s always recommended to conduct thorough research before purchasing any product or service from such platforms.

I would have no problem using that as part of a review.
Thanks Michal - great product - I wish you much success with it

by ojai

Very useful

Very very useful app with great team making it everlasting shining. If I can give it more than 5 tacos,I will do. This is the least words that I can say for that extension.

by Himoka

And, Voilà!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out "Voilà" and I must say, it's been an absolute game-changer for me. I am using it every single day! I work in English and French and go and forth like a breeze!

Before stumbling upon "Voilà", I was using both "Perplexity" and "HARPA AI". While those were good tools in their own right, "Voilà" has quickly surpassed them because it is progressing so fast (the great responsive team behind it, obviously).

I initially purchased tier 1 and tested it out for a couple of weeks: A no-brainer, so I didn't waste any time upgrading to tier 2 before "Voilà" gets removed from Appsumo.
If I have to give just ONE tip: Don't miss this one!

by kostariko

nearly perfect

bought the tier 2.
it is so much more than chatgpt. very handy integrations such as google calendar, just typing in what appointment you got and voila will add it into you calendar.
in gmail it can help you write email by understanding the context. you can also highlight some text, open voila and it immediately knows the context.
yes you could do most of that stuff with chatgpt (chat gpt plus if you want to use gpt4) , but you will have to do a lot of copy & paste, opening new tab , login in etc.
voila safes you in this regard because it's always just one click away, super convenient.
the custom actions are very handy as well!
this LTD is a great opportunity to get voila, i use it almost every day.
a big plus, the UI is very pleasing and nice!!
furthermore the roadmap looks very exciting and promising.

One thing that i find a bit annoying : it is not very suitable for long form content. in my prompts i said stuff like 'write at least 1000 words' or something like '8000 characters long' , but it produces way shorter content than that. you then can make the text longer with a next prompt, but i have the feeling the article or whatever you try to produce gets a bit deluted.
don't know if that's on the roadmap as well but i would wish for the abilitly to produce longer texts, at least up to 1000 words on one prompt.

other that that haven't been disappointed once !

by KohlMedia

Best Value Tool

I've been on the hunt for the right AI tool for me. The baseline for my search was it needed to have access to GPT 4. Never thought I'd find that kind of access in a LTD. I literally use it every single day I work. Get it now before you regret it.

Beyond that, the devs are working on updating it diligently. It's great to see things on the roadmap and feature requests actually get done, and slowly reaching parity with other tools in terms of expected features and QoL (see page context, easy-fill [variables], inline prompt assistance buttons, etc.). If they keep going at this pace, they will have the top AI tool in its space.

Thanks Voila for this indispensable tool, and here's to its continued growth 🥂

by glen236


Voilà has one of the best UI/UX I’ve seen in GPT clients. Being on the browser is a superb convenience. Also, attaching to Gmail is unbelievably useful. On the website, they claim: “Write emails 10x faster,” which is not true. It’s closer to 25x faster AND better written!

Thanks, Michal, for making such a great effort.

by mustafam

Great AI tool - Unfortunately only as extension

Great AI tool. It is a pity that it can only be used as an extension. Unfortunately, this is not always optimal to handle. With a proper base I would have given five tacos!

by mirk5

Very useful

Very Useful

by lstallman

Please make it in phone

I wanted to give you five stars, but I was surprised that the program only works on the computer. I needed to make a quick description while I was outside the house by phone, but it seems that it does not work on the phone

by siradjkada

When everything else fails...

... there is still Voilà. So glad, that I could get it here. already checked twice to make sure, that I purchased the highest tier. I am heavily using it amongst other AI Writers. It is my knight in shining armour. And I really hope for longform article function in the future.

by MimiF

I have a LOT of AI tools already, but this is a BEAST so glad to add it to my tools!

I already have so many AI tools, but this one is unique. Glad to always have it right there in Chrome when I need it. It knows what you've highlighted, so it's so fast and easy to get it to do exactly what you want.

Get it before it's gone!!

by Sumoglobin

One of the best purchases of my life, EVER!

This is a GOD given gift, if you are on the fence, get it now!, just get it!, get it then tell your friends to get it!, then tell your family to get it!, then tell your team to get it!, and get it for your children that are yet to be born!, they will love you for it, and you will love yourself for making the right move!

by ReynardMhlahlo


I absolutely love this extension. I truly hope for a native desktop version one day.

by Mario

Voila AI: A Game-Changing Tool for Captivating Presentations

Voila AI is a game-changing presentation tool that combines the power of AI with user-friendly features to deliver visually stunning and impactful presentations. With its intuitive interface, customization options, collaboration capabilities, and seamless integration with other productivity tools, Voila AI is a valuable asset for professionals, educators, and anyone looking to make their presentations stand out. If you want to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression, Voila AI is the perfect choice.

by VempaliPawan369

Duly Impressed!

I just started to use Voila today to write a speech I had to give, directly from my Upbase, and it worked, just worked so well. I'm enjoying it so much and make my speech writing process a lot faster. I am quite blown away by how well it works. I don't have to open another app, and the results are also impressive. I can feel the difference between using the free Chat GPT and using Chat GPT 4.0, it's only a tad slower, but the results are very satisfying, when I asked it to use certain tone and vibes.

All in all, the reviews were quite accurate, and when I bought Voila Tier 2, after testing it I'm very happy I went all out on it.

This would definitely be one of the few AppSumo tools that I'd be using very often.

Thank you for listing the app here and may you continue to grow and develop into a totally amazing app.

by collabro

Surprisingly fantastic

Honestly, I did not expect to enjoy Voilà so much as I do, I really enjoy it. The UI is excellent, really well-thought-out and good-looking. The UX is excellent too, I love how fast the app is, how easy is to interact with, and how easy is to work with the shortcut. I never expected to have an AI assistant as I am not really in the edge when it comes to AI, but this is an outstanding implementation of a wonderful user-friendly interface for Chat GPT. Congratulations.

by ubuntuproductions

Great ChatGPT alternative

Voila is an awesome alternative to ChatGPT that I use it every single day.

I ended up purchasing Tier 1, and let me tell you, it’s more than enough for my needs. Let me give you some examples of how I make the most out of Voila:

It helps me breeze through those email responses effortlessly.
I can write top-notch PHP code for WordPress like a pro.
Oh, and it’s been a lifesaver when it comes to fixing my grammar and spelling slip-ups.
The best part? You can even use it in your preferred language!
Now, here are a few friendly suggestions I’d like to share:

So, Voila already has a bunch of helpful tools, but wouldn’t it be even better if there was a search option to find specific ones easily?
One thing that could be improved is the ability to navigate back to the main menu smoothly after receiving an answer. It’s just a little hiccup right now.
Hey, have you noticed there’s no link for the help section? It would be great if we could have that handy for quick access.
While the help section is useful, I think it could benefit from having more examples for each tool. That way, we can really get a hang of things!
This might surprise you - I couldn’t find any videos about Voila on YouTube! It would be fantastic to spread the word with some video content.
Since I’m fluent in two languages, I selected English as my main language in the menu. However, all the icons aligned on the right side instead of their usual place. Just a minor visual adjustment needed!
If you ever need support or assistance, currently your best bet is reaching out via email. It would be great if there were more avenues available for getting help.
An interesting observation: when logging into my account, I couldn’t find my usage statistics displayed anywhere. It would be nice to have that information easily accessible.
Oh, here’s a funny thing - you can’t actually use Voila on Voila’s own website! It’s like missing out on a fun party!
But don’t fret! All these suggestions can be easily fixed, and I genuinely believe in the power of this application. I highly recommend giving it a try - you won’t be disappointed!
I used Voila to change the ton of my review to a friendly ton ;-)

by Anonymous

quite good but quite risky

buy, buy. buy...but lower risk at Tier 1.

Tier 2 is for those in groupbuy and also need more juice.

now chatgpt and gpt4 is cheaper maybe less risky.

i minus 1 taco because i don't like purple logo.

but good tool nevertheless. smooth. butter ...maybe silk.

by Mr_Chess_Master

Game Changer

I have been delighted in my experience with Voila, which certainly earns a stellar rating of 5 Tacos! Having invested in the Tier 2 package that offers unlimited requests and the privilege to choose GPT4 as the A.I. Engine, I can confidently say it is worth every penny.

Its capability to swiftly rewrite content, generate valuable information for article writing, and create engaging interactions with A.I. assistants has been impressive. However, the absolute highlight is undoubtedly the Summarizing function—it’s a game-changer!

Imagine having the power to condense all user queries from each AppSumo Product into one succinct summary of issues and concerns or being able to select YouTube video transcripts and have them summarized effortlessly. Even those lengthy news articles that seem too daunting to read can be quickly condensed into digestible summaries. The possibilities are limitless; it’s all about getting creative!

Moreover, let us not forget about accessing this incredible tool at a discount during Sumo Day—it’s an opportunity you do not want to miss! So go on, immerse yourself in this wonderful tool; it will revolutionize your productivity and save you heaps of time. Truly, Voila is a gem!

by Polu


I must admit, I sometimes get a bit lazy or just do not have the time to go back and forth between many tabs or even screens to use things like GPT to help me smooth out replies to customers or any small tasks, it just feels like too much work, because it really is. You may think its not that hard to change tabs but I always have about 20 plus tabs open so switching around is not productive. Sadly this means my replies are not always the best and my communication is not always as clear or professional as I want, I sometimes feel a bit bogged down and frustrated by trying to write in a more professional tone. Well Voila helps take away that issue and even within an hour of using it while replying to customers and doing other daily work tasks my replies and productivity has gone way up. Yes replying like a human is important but staying professional and clear also is what can make or break a sale so I am looking forward to using this tool even more. Another thing that makes this awesome is you can even move the Voila window over so you can work along side it. I think learning to work with technology to advance productivity and save time is really vital, luckily voila is an easy way to do that.

Looking forward to seeing how it grows.

On a side note I did change this extensions short cut on Mac, command M puts the window down as a default short cut... this obviously was not good. I clicked the shortcut command M when setting up and it took me straight to my shortcuts and I changed it to command B because its easy to reach and has no other default commands that I know of in a mac.

by NishiKay

This app is super helpful for my work.

My job is to consult academic knowledge for many students via chat channel, with this tool I can support students reply, email feedback on many different chat tabs on the browser without having to open another tabs to search for documents, it helps me increase 40% - 60% productivity.

This is really an essential application for everyone. (i signed up for 2 "License Tier 2" for both me and my colleague)

by VietCPQ

I like it

Voila is great! It is a good help for me. Thanks for finding a great product that works.

by Tol_Ga

Greatly executed and user-friendly

I tried Voila’s Tier1 first, and quickly made the switch to Tier2.
I guess it says it all :)

Seamless integration of GPT4 within Chrome. Well done!

by Frederic

My Go-To Browser Extension

I've been using Voila for some time, and it truly deserves 5 Tacos! I bought Tier 2 with unlimited requests, and the option to select GPT4 as the AI Engine.

I've been using it to quickly rewrite stuff, generate information that I use for writing articles, and played around with the A.I. assistants, which were quite fun.

By far, I'm really loving the Summarizing function. I can select all the Questions in each AppSumo Product and ask for a summary of issues and concerns of users. I can use it to summarize youtube videos (just select the Transcripts and summarize), I can use it to summarize news articles I find too long to read. Just get creative and it really saves a lot of time!

Sumo Day is a great period to get this at a discount! Totally worth it!

by AlexWong

Deadly simple AI tools!

Voila! Only with CTRL+M, then I can accessed this AI tools from browser. Love the simplicity of Voila. One suggestion that maybe can make improvement. I try in Chrome, Voila only has escape (X) features. It will be better if has minimize features. So, we can open again without clear the conversation. Available in smartphone apps also will make Voila much better.

by gizmologi.id

Buy It Now!

If you are looking to streamline your workflow and increase productivity, I highly recommend Viola. As someone who has tried several AI tools in the past, I can confidently say that Viola covers all the bases with its numerous features and capabilities.

What sets Viola apart from other AI tools is its ease of use - even for beginners. Being a browser-based tool, I have been able to access it from anywhere and anytime without any hassle.

One of the best things about Viola is that it functions as a virtual assistant, taking on several tasks that would otherwise require outsourcing, it does it all seamlessly.

I went for the max deal - and boy was it worth every penny! The value this tool adds to my daily workflow is phenomenal and has already paid off exponentially. If you’re considering an investment into an AI tool, look no further than Viola!

PS - I wrote this 10 Taco review using Viola!

by RockiHoward

I am loving it

Top Service!!! Top Ware!!!

by mr_momin


This assistant is an absolute game-changer! I have used it for emails and other content and I have been totally impressed with the output - will likely upgrade to tier 2 soon. I see myself using it for everything. If you want to do basically everything in half the time, don't waste your time thinking about whether you need this or not. You do!

by traumanw

An asset for anyone from casual user to business professional!

I have been researching AI content writing tools for about 9 months prior to discovering ChatGPT. As a paid subscriber of ChatGPT, I want to emphasize that Voila is excellent in terms of a grammar rewording tool. In fact, I use this tool every day for grammer as the Google extension, as it is easily accessible and simple to use. I firmly believe that this tool can be an asset for anyone - from casual users to business professionals. High praise to the Voila team!

by IrbLTD


I just purchased the Tier 2 version of this product and it is completely awesome. The product has an excellent roadmap for future development. It works as described and the server response time is really fast.

I am hoping that a standalone web application will be available soon so I can also use it on my mobile device.

Overall, this is a great product with excellent support and an exciting roadmap.

by jason716

Swiss Army Knife of AI Tools.... There It Is!

This is replaces a number of AI tools and is without doubt the best Appsumo purchase I have made this year!

Just get this!!! Maximum Tacos

Thank you Michal & Team. C'est sacrément bon.

by Anonymous

Get it while you can!

I purchased tier 1 first and played around with it for a day before deciding to go all in. Best purchase I’ve made on AppSumo! As a small business owner, I’m constantly fretting about not having enough staff for service delivery. This tool is now my go to for preparing for coaching appointments, ramping up marketing initiatives, preparing targeted action plans, and a host of other use cases. Well worth the investment!

by mwilliamsDCS

Love it!

This program is fantastic! It effortlessly rewrites my reply emails like a seasoned pro. I highly recommend it - you won’t be disappointed. I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops. Thank you


My gosh...

this is so much fun, I am going to have to get the unlimited just so that I can play with it all day! :) This thing rocks and I don't know how I'm going to ever live without it!

by Samantha

Phenomenal AI Tool

As power user of ChatGPT, this tool has been an absolute game changer. I'm able to replace multiple tools with this one. The license tier 2 is a no brainer!

by joshua.j.valentin

Replaces Other AI Options

First, I am not a developer- just a strategist using developer materials to save myself and my clients time, energy, and money.

When I first started using Voila, I had a "chat" to see the type of input. I was impressed with the level of NLP, research, and logic that was given in the output.

I provide a variety of agency services for my clients in addition to my own hobby businesses, so this was a real winner when I could get quick references with citations to help me research ideas.

For news briefs, it was able to summarize articles in a way that highlighted my specific intent, instead of just giving a general summary of the entire article. That alone was a bonus because I've attempted prompts to summarize specific information in an article and still had a lot of editing after the output.

The feedback also provided alternative output so that I did not have to spend time formatting. For example, I asked for 20 hashtag options for a video, and it provided them to me in a bullet list. The list was great, I just did not want to remove the bullets to copy and paste them into the meta tag sections of my channels and webpages. So I asked it to rewrite the list in sequential form without the hashtags and bullets for this reason. And... Voila! A Job that could have easily added up to a few minutes was done in less than 10 seconds.

I also love the save feature and customization. It makes it easy for me to review the prompts that worked well and save the recipes for future use cases. So far, it has replaced a lot of back and forth between different AI output models.

If you are familiar with the type of output you need, you can simply suggest the recipe. Regarding marketing ad copy, I requested AIDA, PAS, and HSO options all at once for the same scenario. It understood and separated the different types of marketing messages under the same prompt.

The only thing is that I wish there were an option to save the prompt and output in real-time without going to the dashboard. I am afraid I will forget to reference a valuable chat within 30 days and lose it forever.

Otherwise, a fantastic tool to have!

by ANI

excelente herramienta

Una herramienta rápida, versátil y fácil de usar, Voila podría ser la solución perfecta para ti.

Rapidez: La velocidad es uno de los puntos fuertes de Voila AI.

Versatilidad: Con Voila AI, puedes hacer más que simplemente redactar una idea, tiene numerosas plantillas para trabajar y hacer la vida más fácil

Simpleza: A pesar de su amplia gama de herramientas y funciones, la interfaz de usuario es fácil de navegar y no requiere experiencia previa

by edgardo_enrique

Excellent way to access AI tools for writing

I don't often comment here, but this solution is a pure gem. It's the easiest way to access AI tools for writing, and for a very reasonable amount of money.
Just perfect. Now if you could offer the same things for pictures, that would be just grand!
Keep up the good work :-)

by B.

Voila always ready to assist you. Make your life easy.

Voila is a tool that can make your life easier and faster. While ChatGPT offers many sites that sometimes provide free services, Voila can assist you every time you need it, saving you the effort of jumping to other windows to complete tasks. For people who are unaware of how to save time, they may choose another tool. However, Voila can improve your productivity in the following ways:

No need to switch between different windows to perform a task.
If you require a translator, there’s no need to open another window on Google or go elsewhere for translation; Voila makes this faster.
The platform already contains prompts that can help you create content.
Integration with Gmail makes it easy to reply to emails.
In conclusion, if you want to simplify your life and are tired of opening multiple windows and logging into various platforms, Voila is the solution. I appreciate that Voila incorporates the concept of KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) while saving your time and letting you concentrate on what’s important. Of course, GPT4 is also an amazing tool that can be used alongside Voila.

For this review I used Improve Writing tool of Voila

by JasonGCI

Voilà! An Incredible Purchase 🎉

I use Voilà every day and it’s an amazing AI Assistant to have by my side! As an Author and Content Creator, it greatly helps me with research and brainstorming ideas. 💡

This tool is undoubtedly THE BEST AI writing solution on the market. I highly recommend others grab this opportunity while this offer lasts! Don’t hesitate, get your hands on Voilà right now! 🌟

by eugenemosley20


I really liked this and made a payment. However, I have a request to continue the conversation. For example, a different chat window is displayed for each tab. In this case, it is impossible to continue the conversation. Is that possible? Like ChatGPT chat window?

by Contenjoo

Exceptional Experience with Voila

I don't usually write reviews on AppSumo, but I felt compelled to make an exception for Voila because it truly won me over. The general UI and UX are impressive, offering a sleek and intuitive design that makes using the platform a breeze.

One of the things I adore about Voila is how they constantly add new features, which keeps the experience fresh and exciting. It shows their dedication to improving their product and catering to user needs.

However, I do hope they've considered their funding situation carefully. With GPT-4, costs could potentially skyrocket. That being said, my overall experience with Voila has been nothing short of fantastic, and I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a try!

by afisch

Absolutely brilliant!

I absolutely adore Viola!

This incredible product has exceeded all my expectations, and I can’t help but give it a well-deserved 5-star rating. Since incorporating Viola into my daily routine, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my overall efficiency and satisfaction. The user-friendly interface and innovative features truly set it apart from competitors.

What I appreciate most about Viola is its intuitive design that caters to both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. The team behind this gem continuously strives for excellence, ensuring that users benefit from regular updates and enhancements.

In conclusion, if you’re in search of a top-notch product to revolutionize your everyday experience, look no further than Viola. Get ready to be amazed by its stellar performance!

by fa66y

Cancelled WordTune

It’s always a great feeling to discover a new tool that exceeds our expectations and offers more capabilities than what we previously used. That’s exactly what happened when I stumbled upon Voila on Appsumo, just as I was about to renew my Wordtune subscription, which cost me around $120 per year. Initially skeptical, but hopeful, I decided to give Voila a try, and boy was I blown away! The difference in performance was significant, and the capabilities that Voila offers are top-notch. It’s been an incredible experience using this tool for the past few days, and it has definitely been one of my best purchases through Appsumo so far.

The output quality of Voila is exceptional, and the features are beyond promising. I have found myself relying on it more and more for my writing needs - from creating engaging headlines to drafting emails or even crafting social media posts. The versatility and ease-of-use make it an invaluable asset that every writer should consider investing in.

Overall, based on my positive experience with Voila, it deserves nothing less than a perfect score of 5 tacos! If you’re looking for a powerful writing tool that can help you take your work to the next level, then look no further than Voila.

by Natalino

A product that is definitely worth the price

Perhaps you may argue that directly calling OpenAI’s API is cheaper, but in reality, we purchase these tools not only for the use of OpenAI’s API, but also for its other added value. For example, browser extensions and possible future standalone web pages (similar to ChatGPT) or applications on various platforms (not necessarily available yet).

This product seems to be a new product from the developers of Speeddial2. I’ve seen this product’s icon many times on their browser extension.

At that time, I was thinking about trying out this product, and after a few months later, I found out that there was a lifetime deal for this product on AppSumo. Since there was a lifetime deal, I naturally bought it and started using it.

In fact, this product has not disappointed me. I almost always need this tool to help me write emails or translations, or other tasks.

If you’re still looking for tools that can use OpenAI, then you cannot miss this product.

by bestpika

Voila - Worth every penny and taco

As a Custom Success Engineer, I decided to start using the Tier 1 plan, and it has been a game-changer for me. It has boosted my productivity level and improved my ability to promptly respond to customer inquiries.

It was a no-brainer to upgrade to the Tier 2 plan at this point. Hands down, one of the best products I have purchased on Appsumo and I wish it nothing but success in the future.

by Zansus

Voilá - The Epitome of Software Excellence

After using it extensively, I wholeheartedly award it a perfect score of 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮 5 Tacos.

Voilá has proven itself to be an incredibly user-friendly tool that even those who are technologically-challenged can navigate with ease. The intuitive interface and clear instructions make it simple for anyone to jump right in and start benefiting from its features. It consistently delivers up-to-date information, ensuring that I have access to the most recent and relevant data at my fingertips.

This attention to detail not only saves time but also eliminates potential errors one might encounter when working with outdated resources.

Beyond its exceptional functionality, I must also commend the responsive support team behind Voilá. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident through prompt assistance, addressing any questions or concerns users may have in a timely and efficient manner.

In summary, Voilá sets the gold standard for chatbot assistants. Its user-friendly design, combined with unparalleled precision and up-to-date information, makes it an indispensable asset for anyone seeking top-notch efficiency.


by Dinho.Costa

5-Star Experience with Voila AI Writer

Voila Wrote This Review (All True)
I recently had the pleasure of using the Voila AI Writer, and I must say that I am beyond impressed! This innovative writing tool has completely transformed my writing process by helping me produce high-quality content in no time. Here’s why I believe it deserves a perfect 5-star rating:
Intuitive Interface: The user-friendly platform made it incredibly easy for me to navigate and find the features I needed. It didn’t take long for me to familiarize myself with all the available tools.
Exceptional Writing Assistance: The advanced technology behind Voila AI Writer has greatly improved my overall writing experience. With its ability to generate creative ideas, relevant information, and flawless grammar, this tool has enhanced my content significantly.
Time-saving: As someone who constantly faces tight deadlines, this writer has been an absolute game-changer. It allows me to quickly create well-structured articles or essays without compromising on quality.
Versatility: Whether you’re a student working on a research paper or a professional creating engaging marketing content, Voila AI Writer caters to various needs and industries. Its adaptability makes it an invaluable resource for any type of writer.
Continuous Updates & Improvements: What sets this tool apart from others is its commitment to constant development and enhancements based on user feedback. This ensures that Voila AI Writer remains at the forefront of innovation in the world of writing assistance tools.
In conclusion, I highly recommend Voila AI Writer as an essential resource for anyone looking to elevate their writing skills and improve productivity. It truly deserves a 5-star rating!
Few Request-
1- Hindi is not working fine, generation breaking with mix of english content( India is big market, I hope will be fine soon).
2- Web App will help more.


by seo571


You get something better than free ChatGPT but less than ChatGPT premium with all its plugins. But for the price, it is a buy because it is cost-effective, and the roadmap is interesting. The customer support team is also highly responsive. I use it every day. Will use more if it accesses the web and has a standalone option.

by teycir

Great ChatGPT plugin

This is a great tool for SEO blog work and content creation on social media. By crafting my own prompts related to SEO, I can find long-tail keywords, and schematically relevant words, and then create blogs from the information gathered. I then use the same information to create engaging social media posts.

I got the tier 2 plan, so I don't know if my output would be different or not compared to tier 1. The price of tier 2 is a steal with the time I save using Voila.

by john200

"Exceptional Customer Service and Remarkable Quality of Voila: A Truly Unforgettable Experience"

My recent experience with Voila was nothing short of exceptional. From the beginning to the end, every aspect of my interaction with the product surpassed my expectations.

The team’s customer service was outstanding, as they made extraordinary efforts to ensure that I felt valued and satisfied throughout my journey. The quality of the Voila itself was simply remarkable - it was evident that careful attention had been paid to both its creation and delivery.

It is clear that Voila takes great pride in their work, always going above and beyond in providing their customers with an unforgettable experience. In my opinion, Voila is hands down the best option out there for anyone in need of such services. Therefore, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a superb product coupled with impeccable customer service.

by AlQaisi

Great output + super easy

I've tried a few similar tools, but this one is super easy... and produces great output. Well-done!

by KSLang

You Only Need the 1st Tier! But why not full stack?

Check out my YouTube Short commercial for Voila at https://www.youtube.com/shorts/YyTIWLIUoeA

I've tested over a dozen GPT-powered chrome extensions and Voila (1st tier) takes the cake! Most people only need Tier 1 but full stack will open up opportunities to likely test other models down the road given it syncs to all future updates at the highest tiers that make sense financially for Voila.

Some things I like compared to competitors:

- most stable, less bugs
- intuitive ux/ui on twitter, discord web, linkedin as opposed to only catering to a single social platform
- summary is quick to break down key insights on what you're reading but does need an update that does the same thing for videos

Most excited if implemented:
- team collaboration, notes and output sharing
- ability to summarize and search inside videos by keywords
- pre-made prompts for each category of the digital marketing and sales world (cold emails, thread outlines, aida templates, ...), and can be favorited to allow convenience of usage
- integration with claude amongst other models
- asking for a lot but Voila should look into stable diffusion down the road and not limit itself to text

= )

by chopbun


I am impressed by this product. I no longer have to go to Chat GPT, log in, and hope it is available. Now, I can simply select “Ctrl” + “M” and Chat GPT comes to me. It even provides me with access to GPT4, which was previously unavailable to me. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! On second thought, please do miss out on this opportunity so that I won’t have any competition!

BTW, this "rephrased" by Voila! :)

by www.SellMyFlorida.House

I didn't think I'd find this useful

I've got plenty of AI writers and plugins so didn't think I'd find Voila useful but it turns out the blog output with GPT 4 is better than GPT 3.5 for my niche (quite technical, scientific). I didn't think the AI assistants would be a feature I'd use but turns out they are quite impressive so I'll be exploring them further.

by dan9

Has potential

Bought two codes for the GPT4 options but after using it for a couple of days, I found I got better results using GPT3.5 model. No idea what's going on there. I downgraded to Tier 1 as it is a great little plugin that has proven very helpful.

by wayne_l

Sharon Lyons

Great plugin! It provides a lot of convenience, and I appreciate it because it saves me a lot of work and increases my productivity. However, there is room for improvement. Here are my feedback suggestions:

I hope that it can be like ChatGPT, so that in an ended conversation, I can return to the original conversation to continue communicating.

Frequently, even with GP4, its responses are not as intelligent or quick as ChatGPT’s answers. Additionally, many times when I ask questions, it often gets stuck and keeps loading. This requires me to force refresh or force quit the program.

by sharon73

Huge potential but not perfect yet.

I will be honest about the positive and negative aspects. The idea is great, and I’m sure I’ll use it a lot these days. It’s very easy to use; the interface is clean and beautiful. However, I won’t give it 5 stars for the following reasons:

1. I constantly experience loading problems. When the modal is open, it often gets stuck and doesn’t close, even when clicking outside of it. The browser can’t be refreshed either, as it becomes completely frozen. This has happened not just once but several times, requiring me to close the tab, which is very frustrating.

2. Sometimes, the modal doesn’t prevent scrolling in the background. That is, if I select text and scroll to find more options or access my custom actions, the scroll occurs on the page I’m on rather than in the modal. This may seem like a minor usability detail, but it’s quite frustrating nonetheless.

In general, the it's a good product with some things to improve.

by gerardo87

Excellent so far

One of my AppSumo purchases that I’m very happy with. I really hope that I will continue to have access to both Voila and ChatGPT4 in the future. Despite not needing them on a daily basis, they have become important tools in my workflow, and having them available when I do need them is crucial.

by Mystic

Amazing personal assistant

This application helps me to solve daily problems and create new messages for my clients, amazing product.This deserves more than 5 tacos!!

by alex005

I am delighted with this AI tool

With a ton of AI tools, I didn't think I would need any other. He had seen Voilà in Appsumo and though he had glanced at it, he thought he could do without it. So, I saw a YouTube review from a pretty honest YouTuber that I follow. His comments made me give Voilà a chance, although I fully bet on level 2, especially because of the possibility of always using GPT-4. Since the first day, I must say that I have not stopped using this application. I use it a lot of times, even for tasks that had not crossed my mind. One use that I have loved is to interact on Instagram. Before using Voilà, I was tired of the number of hours I had to waste reading the posts in my sector and then commenting. Now I have automated comments to other posts. I just skim through and tweak the answers, Voilà gives a bit. It's wonderful! And that's just a usage example. I also use it, for example, in other processes of writing more elaborate and long texts. As I said before, I can't stop using Voilà. I love it. It is a spectacular assistant that has improved my productivity. By the way, I use it in Spanish and in my language it works perfectly. To say something, I wish there was the option to edit and be able to modify the content that Voilà generates on your screen.

by Sandrita

Speeds Up Workflow

With so many AI tools coming basically every minute, it's hard to keep up. Having ChatGPT subscription, GPT-4, and some other writers/wrappers I could probably get by without Voila. That being said, Voila is still a really nice extension to speed up your workflow... especially if you are lazy.

The main benefit of using Voila for me is browsing the internet for information then selecting the content on the page and have Voila rewrite, summarize, explain, and/or learn from. This is very helpful when one has a hundred tabs already open.

One thing i would love to see is the Voila window somehow staying open when switching from page to page, this way users can feed it multiple articles to recreate and "learn" from.

A UI issue I have come across is that in dark mode sometimes it generates black text on the dark background and I can not read it.

Some concerns I have is when will the GPT-4 limits change, if ever? If Voila becomes an AI wrapper and users are left to use their own API, this is fine. Just curious since I do not know if these GPT-4 limits can last long term.

I have contacted Voila support on their website and social media channels, no response. This worries me a little but i understand the AppSumo launch can be a lot. Still, communication is very important to get that future MRR.

Voila, good. Check it out and see if you like it.

by JoeSaas

Never got to use it.

Hi all,
Bought the software but there was a problem activating it when i tried to redeem.
No contact from appsummo or voila support. So i go to refund and appsummo says let us help you. Receive e-mail from appsummo support this morning saying i cannot use the same e-mail that i used for free trial. Why?, most people test the free trial before spending there hard earned money. I think it is absurd. Will refund, which is a shame, as i did like voila.

by Albert-Paul

Amazing tool! GPT on steroid

I recently had the pleasure of using Voila, and I must say that it is an excellent tool. It’s incredibly easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes navigating the app a breeze. The UX design is top-notch and adds to the overall experience of using the product.

What I particularly appreciate about Voila is its simplicity. It has all the necessary features without any unnecessary bells and whistles. This makes it perfect for someone who needs a straightforward solution without getting bogged down in complexity.

Overall, I highly recommend Voila to anyone looking for an easy-to-use tool with an amazing UI and UX design. It gets the job done quickly and efficiently while providing a pleasurable user experience. Give it a try!

by Troyster

The easiest way to access CHATGPT

It is the easiest way to access CHATGPT at the moment on any website with CTRL+M
This is a game changer for quicky reply to emails.
The Lifetime deal very great if Voilà will not close the doors in the next years.
Very great ui also.
Please consider in the future these features.
Please let us access Voilà without exension also (for computers which restricts the extensions) and for mobile access.
Please add email in writing section for helping us to write effective email question or resplies..
Hope it will last for long years!

by sormick

Great for answering email!!!

I recently started using Voila, and I am blown away by how much time it has saved me when creating and answering Gmail emails. It's so easy to use, and the interface is user-friendly. Plus, the ChatGPT access with Ctrl+M is a game-changer!.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Voila to anyone who wants to streamline their email communication and boost their productivity.

by naliaga

My top Appsumo lifetime deal to date

This is an amazing tool and offer. I have used this daily since purchasing. I would give it 10 tacos if I could.

by m.18

Extension makes it easy to write prompt

I wanted to test this browser extension well before writing a review.
I can say that it greatly simplifies prompting with Chat-gpt. Intuitive interface and custom commands make it indispensable, this extension makes it easy and fast to write commands in Chat-gpt without having to type everything manually.
Thanks to the automatic suggestions, it can save a lot of time.

by Joes


This extension is absolutely fantastic! It's a game-changer, and I'm blown away by how helpful it is. I can get a very high quality result every time I do my prompt. The chain prompting works well, and I can go deeper and deeper for my use case. Bravo!

I would like to full stack, but I need founder's commitment on the roadmap and the going concern of this tool. Thank you

by kxkwik

Great shortcut!

I use ChatGPT almost daily. With Voilà I have a shortcut where I also can customize my own prompts/actions that I use a lot.

I like Voilà. I would love to see my custom actions at the top when I use cmd+m so I don't have to scroll through the pre-built action folders to get to the custom actions I will use most.

Even if I won't use 2000 requests per month, I upgraded to tier 2 just in case :)

by kontakt484

Dans le top 3 AppSumo...

Voilà est tout simplement une merveille. L'idée est simple et c'est clairement une idée de génie. Vous avez là une boîte à outils incroyable. C'est tellement génial, que vous vous surprendrez à l'utiliser au quotidien pour toutes vos tâches qui nécessitaient d'autres applications. Il y a eu, lors de précédents commentaires, quelques doutes sur les requêtes demandées par l'IA en mode auto. Mais Micha a été très réactif pour rassurer et dissiper les doutes. Ce qui est sûr, c'est que Voilà est sincèrement une merveille. Vraiment. J'ai sollicité l'aide de Voilà à plusieurs reprises et pour le moment, je suis plus que satisfait. Alors, un très grand merci à Michal. Ne passez surtout pas à côté de Voilà, vous le regretterez, c'est une certitude. 5 tacos parce qu'on ne peut pas en mettre 30.

by Micha_f

Et voilà ! Un grand MERCI à Michal !!

Howdy folks !

I was obliged to leave a small review to tell how much I'm satisfied about the product and above all the support quality.
Michal really cares about his customers.
I would pay twice for this kind of following and product.
Merci from Paris Michal !!

by Harlem

Meet the Standard

It is not uncommon for one to be skeptical about trying out a new product, but Viola has proven that it’s worth giving a shot. As soon as I start using the tool, I can immediately recognise the attention to detail put into every button. The user interface feels intuitive and natural, which makes it easy to call on Viola for help with any queries.

It’s worth noting that Viola is GDPR compliant and CCPA compliant. Additionally, the privacy addendum is done with OpenAI, which further assures users of their data protection. Chats are also automatically removed every 30 days unless you manually request them to stay in your preferences.

With such impressive features building on from ChatGPT 4, it’s no wonder why users like myself are impressed with Viola. Although there may still be some work that needs to be done, it’s hard not to give this extension a 5/5 rating. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants a reliable tool that can assist in improving their writing skills and business activities.

To the Viola team: please do not stop the momentum! You have something truly special here and we encourage you to keep perfecting this amazing extension. We also hope that you will make it available for iOS and Android soon so that even more people can benefit from this tool. While there may be other products out there, none have met the standard set by Viola - making it a true contender against competitors like Grammarly.

Keep up the fantastic work!

by AAiAA

My #1 purchase

I'm in a hurry right now, but I wanted to quickly drop that this one might be the best deal I ever bought on Appsumo...

And I bought quite a few deals over the years...

Go buy it and support those guys!

by Julius


I have purchased a number of AI tools via AppSumo and all are great in their own way. I was on the fence about getting Voila as I really didn't "need" it but I thought it might be helpful to have the browser extension. Well, I'm glad I got this - and got the full version. This is SOOO helpful and I am already using it all the time. The best part of it is that I can create my own custom actions that are easily accessible via the browser.

I'm not using this as a standalone...I'm using the other tools to create long-form articles and hit the right keywords (such as NeuronWriter) but having this browser extension makes editing everything soooo much easier. But you could use this on its own if you wanted to.

A few things I'd like to see in future versions - the ability to save my actions across different browsers. Different AIs to choose from, including the newly released Dolly open source AI. And a Word extension so I can call it up right from my Word desktop app. But even without those things, I'm quite happy.

by light3

My Top of the Line AI Creator

I’ve had the chance to try out several AI content creation tools, and I must say that Voila has quickly risen to the top of my list. After just one week of using the platform, I’ve experienced an impressive increase in productivity and ease of use.

🎯 User Interface: Voila's ability to handle multiple tasks within a single window sets it apart from other content creators. This feature allows users to streamline their workflow and reduces the need to switch between different platforms, making it a convenient choice for those looking to save time and improve efficiency.

💪 Powerful AI Engine: Although there use OpenAI, Voila’s AI engine demonstrates a high level of accuracy, generating relevant and engaging content for various purposes. It’s evident that a significant amount of development has gone into ensuring its performance surpasses competitors.

📚 Custom Template Creation: One standout feature is the custom template creation tool. This allows users to tailor their output according to specific needs, making Voila a versatile solution for businesses operating in diverse industries.

💡 Continuous Improvement: The developers behind Voila have shown an unwavering commitment to enhancing their product by listening to user feedback, which is always appreciated!

Based on my experience over the past week, I wholeheartedly recommend Voila as an AI content-creator tool. Its powerful features, user-friendly interface, and integration capabilities make it a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their content creation process.

by Shadowleaf

Simple and Full of Features

I have recently discovered Voila, a revolutionary platform offering unlimited access to the groundbreaking GPT-4 language model. This impressive tool has managed to exceed my expectations and has been an absolute game-changer for my business.
💼 Business Assistance
As someone who constantly needs help with various tasks and responsibilities within my business, I have found Voila’s GPT-4 to be an extremely valuable resource. The sheer number of templates available allows me to tackle numerous challenges with ease, from crafting engaging content and drafting emails to generate creative ideas and composing professional reports.
🔧 Ease of Use
One aspect that truly sets Voila apart is its user-friendly interface. With minimal setup required, I was able to quickly utilize the platform’s diverse range of templates without any complications. This instant usability has saved me time and effort while ensuring seamless integration into my daily routine.
🌐 Applicability Across Different Industries
Voila’s GPT-4 application is not restricted to specific industries or fields. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for businesses across various sectors, providing invaluable support regardless of your area of expertise.
👍 Recommendation
I wholeheartedly recommend Voila’s GPT-4 service for anyone running a business or needing assistance in their job. The benefits it offers are immense: from improved productivity and increased efficiency to enhanced creativity, this cutting-edge technology promises remarkable results.
In conclusion, adopting Voila’s GPT-4 as part of your toolkit is a decision you won’t regret; it’s an investment in your business and your future. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience its transformative power first-hand.

by ibmabr

Light and Powerful

I am happy that I can use this product for many purposes, such as writing, coding, brainstorming, etc..

I hope this product can last a long time, and forever..
I hope that for all LTD buyers, the products they have purchased can be sure to be used forever...

I always support the development of this product...


by bima91

My new AI all-around assistant - great but still with room for improvement

I have used many AI text generators and AI tools in general, and have purchased numerous lifetime deals on AppSumo. Additionally, I have been using the Plus version of ChatGPT for several weeks now.

At first, I thought about Voilà - “Do I need another AI tool based on GPT?”

And what can I say - Yes! I’ve been using Voilà for about a week now, and it has already saved me a lot of time and sped up many tasks. The AI assistant is incredibly practical - I can use it with all applications in the browser. Not only in Gmail, Google Docs, etc., but also as a writing assistant in WordPress, on my YouTube channel (e.g., for answering comments or writing video descriptions), and in all other browser-based tools (e.g., I am currently using Voilà as writing support for this review). On top of that, Tier 2 offers unlimited queries + (almost) unlimited GPT-4 (fair usage policy) - fantastic!
Also, you can save your custom prompts (Custom actions).

Room for improvement:

Considering the high limits - including those of GPT-4 – Voilà is a no-brainer and rightly deserves 5 tacos.

However, since the tool is new, there is always room for improvement. Here are some suggestions from my side:

Improving usability: While using Voilà, you cannot access the other content of the browser window. Comparable browser extensions offer more functionalities. They allow docking to the edge of the window while simultaneously accessing other content within the same browser window! Similar apps also offer minimization functions without closing the window altogether. In my opinion, this would be an urgent improvement regarding usability.

Old chats are saved but cannot be reused like those on ChatGPT. This feature should also be optimized.

Voilà can read the content of the browser window where it is opened (without having to copy the text directly). Unfortunately, there is no switch/toggle or button to include the text content of the opened browser in Voilà’s responses. Competitors handle this much better! I know other AI browser extensions that have an appropriate toggle and an additional “Page Content” button. In Voilà, I can only use the “Summarizer” to summarize a page.

The built-in saved prompts are very basic. There is room for improvement here as well. However, thanks to Custom Actions, you can at least save your own prompts.


All in all, a fantastic and promising tool - the Lifetime Deal (Tier 2) is an absolute no-brainer. I will write a comprehensive review of Voilà on my website robert-leitinger.com in a few weeks, with Voilà’s help, of course :-).

by robertleitinger

I love this tool!

This tool is a gamechanger! I absoultely love it and use it everyday. Keep up the great work!

by davidjaecampbell

Best ChatGPT extension, great UI

This is, without a doubt, one of the best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions I have ever used. It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate, making it a real pleasure to use on a regular basis.

I've been using it for about 5 days before writing this review, and I actually *look forward to using it* as it boosts my output so much. The ability to save custom actions is a real winner, and I have copied all my Custom AI tools from Frase.ai into Viola to generate the first pass of content. Then I copy into Frase.

One suggestion for improvement would be to allow grouping or tags with drop-downs for actions (as I am getting too long a list). Another would be to allow dynamic fill-ins, especially text fields and "another action". For example, to specify the "audience" or the "writing style" or the "keywords" to be inserted into a pre-defined Action (Typedesk does this really well).

Voila! This tool is well worth the investment and deserves 5 tacos without question. You won't regret it I'm sure.

by walteradamson

Impressive and Innovative Tool - GetVoila.ai Plan2 Review: I recently started using GetVoila.ai Plan2, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations! This GPT-4 based tool is top-notch in generating high-quality content quickly. The user-friendly

I recently started using GetVoila.ai Plan2, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations! This GPT-4 based tool is top-notch in generating high-quality content quickly. The user-friendly interface and powerful features make creating content a breeze, saving me both time and effort.

AppSumo’s offer on this amazing product was irresistible, and I’m genuinely impressed by the value for.

review generated with GPT4 :-D

by Milo_Be

One of the Best Purchases I have Made on App Sumo

By far one of the best purchases, I have made on app sumo. Built-in prompts can customize your own prompts well done . Great Price point . Yes their are times I am waiting on AI model but I know demand is high overall 5 tacos!

by Coach

Voila: The Game-Changing Writing Tool with Custom Actions and More!

As someone who has used various AI tools like WordHero, NicheSSS, and ChatGPT, I can confidently say that Voila is a game-changer! This outstanding tool delivers on its promises with fair pricing.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, and the functionality is top-notch. However, the Custom Actions feature is what truly sets Voila apart. With Custom Actions, I can create unlimited automations for any writing task I can think of. This feature has transformed my productivity levels and made my life so much easier. It's like having custom prompts in AIPRM for ChatGPT, but without the subscription cost.

But that's not all! I would love for Voila to consider adding two more features to make it even more powerful. The first is Category Custom Actions, which would allow me to group my custom actions and keep them organized. This would make it even easier to find the right automation for the task at hand. The second is Continue Chat in History of Chat, which would enable me to refer back to previous conversations and continue the discussion where we left off. These two features would make Voila even more versatile and valuable to me.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a writing tool that is powerful, versatile, and easy to use, then Voila is the perfect fit for you. Don't hesitate to try it out, and I guarantee you won't regret it!

by tonyle

A Remarkable Discovery - Voilà License Tier 2 Lifetime Plan

I am constantly on the lookout for innovative tools that can add value to my daily work. Recently, I stumbled upon an absolute gem – Voilà’s License Tier 2 Lifetime plan. This is a phenomenal offering that has transformed my productivity levels, and I couldn’t be prouder to share my experience with you all.

The first thing that caught my attention about Voilà was its remarkable flexibility, allowing users to choose from different GPT versions tailored to their needs. This kind of customization is rare in the market and demonstrates how committed Voilà is to providing the best possible experience for its customers.

Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that Voilà has made tremendous strides in supporting Right-to-Left (RTL) languages like Arabic. It’s truly commendable how they have successfully addressed such complex linguistic challenges while maintaining exceptional performance and output quality.

I must also take a moment to express my appreciation for Voilà’s incredible support team. They are consistently responsive and attentive, ensuring prompt assistance whenever required. Their dedication towards addressing any issues or concerns demonstrates an exemplary level of professionalism.

To sum it up, the License Tier 2 Lifetime plan offered by Voilà is nothing short of brilliant! Its user-centric approach; its commitment towards supporting diverse language requirements; and its impeccable customer service make it a must-have tool for anyone seeking to enhance their workflow with state-of-the-art technology.

So here’s a big “Thank You” to the entire team at Voilà - you’ve created something extraordinary!

by abdallhsaad

Disappointing Experience with Voila: A Lackluster AI Tool

I recently tried out Voila after hearing about its advanced capabilities, but I must say I was left quite disappointed with my experience. While it certainly has some potential, there are a few key issues that prevented me from fully embracing this tool.

Firstly, one of the main problems I encountered was with long prompts. Despite claims of compatibility with GPT-4 and 3.5, any prompt exceeding 1000 words simply did not work. There was no error message or indication of why it failed, which made troubleshooting incredibly frustrating. It is essential for a tool like Voila to handle long prompts smoothly, as many users rely on them for complex tasks and detailed instructions.

Also, I noticed a significant discrepancy in the length of the generated results when compared to ChatGPT Plus. The outputs from Voila seemed inexplicably shorter, which left me questioning the reliability and consistency of the tool. It's important for an AI-powered platform to provide consistent results, especially when users have specific expectations based on their previous experiences.

Another issue that stood out to me was the lack of editable and reusable history. In other similar tools, being able to edit and reuse previous interactions is a valuable feature, as it allows users to refine their prompts and iterate on their outputs. Unfortunately, Voila lacked this functionality entirely, making it cumbersome to revisit past interactions and build upon them.

Overall, while Voila may have some promising aspects, such as its compatibility with advanced GPT versions, it falls short in critical areas that affect its usability and reliability. The inability to handle long prompts, the discrepancies in output length, and the absence of editable history all detract from the overall experience. I hope the developers take these issues into consideration and make necessary improvements to provide a more robust and user-friendly platform in the future.

by sumoperks

Custom Actions are a real Game Changer!

I recently jumped on the Tier 2 Deal for Voilá , and I couldn’t be happier! It’s been quite some time since I’ve come across such an outstanding tool that delivers on its promises with a fair pricing.

The tool is perfect all around, from the user interface to the functionality, but the Custom Actions feature is just amazing! It’s no exaggeration when I say that this has been a real game changer for me. With Custom Actions, I can create unlimited automations for literally any writing task I can dream up. This powerful feature has transformed my productivity levels tenfold. It's quite like custom prompts in AIPRM for ChatGPT but without a subscription :).

You are interested in this Tool? Go and get it. I promise, you won't regret it!

In conclusion, if you’re mulling over whether or not to snatch up Voilá’s Tier 2 Deal, wait no more! It’s worth every penny and will quickly become an indispensable part of your toolkit. You won’t regret it!

Things I would like to see:

- That the tool can work with URL's. For example "Create me a table with pro's and con's to the product on {url}"
- Would be very cool if we can choose Google's Bard or Microsoft's Bing as AI in the future. For example, Bard can read urls beautifully.

by Onay

good job

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in need of an excellent service like this one that provides me with such a fantastic subscription. I believe your developers are doing an outstanding job, especially in their quick support for the RTL feature, which was requested by us Arab users. This feature is incredibly beneficial to us and we appreciate your team’s efforts in implementing it. We hope to receive further support from you in the future. Keep up the great work!

by AbdulWhab


The long form content this creates is AMAZING! My mind is blown on how fast it produces also. This is definitely a Game Changer.

by jamar815

This is a great product that is definitely worth purchasing!

I don’t usually leave reviews, but this product is worth the praise! The team actively listens to user needs and continues to update and optimize. I have already recommended it to at least five friends around me!


line of generation is breaking in ARABIC language!

the tool is definitely awesome but the Arabic generation it goes on till the time it breaks the sentences and distort the text after word and writes gibberish,
hope you fix that please !!

i would give 5 tacos for the sake of the awesome services & hopefully you help with the Arabic part.

Thank you !!!

by abdulrahmanaljhwary86

It's Magic

If you're familiar with ChatGPT, you know what this does. Your question is probably, "Does Voila do a good job with ChatGPT?" and the answer is an enthusiastic, "Yes!"

If you're not paying for ChatGPT, you probably haven't tried ChatGPT 4 yet. Violia supports it, and it's awesome.

I really have only one request. My chats are stored in history, which is great. I'd like the option to select a chat from history and continue it.

Buy this yesterday, and if you can't buy it yesterday, then buy it today.

by Interwebs


5 Taco. Voila is an excellent assistant that offers a great user experience. It is reliable, efficient and provides helpful responses to users' requests. Its ability to respond in the same language as the user makes it even more convenient to use. Overall, Voila is a top-notch AI assistant that delivers on its promises.

by d.pietsch

First impressions - Output just OK, possibly misleading

I'll start by saying that I'm open to upgrading this review if I turn out to be incorrect on something.

The advertising discusses GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, but the first sign something was off was when I asked it to write a blog post and it gave me an answer that writing my post would be unethical (it was about why a certain profession could be a rip off). So, I went straight to GPT 3.5 and asked the same exact prompt, and without problem it wrote the post. This entire process was a test, by the way, I wasn't really interested in the output.

So, I proceeded to ask Voila what AI model it was, and it gave a beat around the bush answer the first time, shown here:

"I am a versatile AI language model that can understand and respond to various requests. I am designed to assist users in generating human-like text based on the prompts given to me. Is there something specific you need help with?"

So I asked if it could share what specific model it was, and got this:

"As an AI language model, I am built using various machine learning and natural language processing techniques. My architecture is based on a transformer neural network, which allows me to generate high-quality text responses that are tailored to the user’s input. However, I do not have a specific name or model number like other AI systems since my development is based on a combination of open-source software libraries and proprietary algorithms."

Finally, I point blank asked if it was Open AI's GPT 3.5 or GPT 4 and it said:

"No, I am not specifically OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 or GPT 4. However, like those models, I do use a transformer neural network architecture that allows me to generate human-like text based on the input given to me. My development team has used various state-of-the-art techniques and technologies in order to create an effective AI language model that can assist users in generating high-quality responses."

On that basis, the advertising of being based on those models seems false. Again, I'm open to additional information, but the community should know these things.

I will say the responses from them here within Appsumo seem to be quick and thorough. I'll look forward to a response to this review.

by shaun59

Voilà is a Must-Have!

I cannot rave enough about Voilà and the impact it has had on my writing experience. Before using this AI-powered personal assistant, I struggled with repetitive ideas and time-consuming research. Now, I feel like I have a reliable partner in content creation that takes my work to another level.

Voilà is incredibly intuitive to use and seamlessly integrates into my browser for effortless access. The quality of its suggestions and research assistance has been impeccable, often providing me with insights I hadn’t even considered. This tool has saved me hours of planning, writing, and editing – giving me more time to focus on other important aspects of my work.

In addition to improving my writing process, Voilà’s ability to keep me on task is invaluable. I find myself more productive than ever before, all thanks to this ingenious personal assistant. With regular updates and stellar customer support, it’s clear that the team behind Voilà truly cares about their users’ success.

Overall, Voilà has been an absolute game-changer for my content creation endeavors. If you’re seeking a user-friendly, efficient tool that elevates your writing quality while keeping you focused, look no further – give Voilà a try today and watch your productivity soar!

by didszuleit

Almost perfect!

Almost 5 stars! Chat history is the only thing lacking. I build prompts and spend time letting chatgpt absorb it all and fire questions away after. Unfortunately, there is no way to go back to old chat prompts. The moment you I close it, it’s gone. History shows your chats and responses but doesn’t allow you to open old prompts.

by egglan

Don’t hesitate if you regularly use ChatGPT!

I waited a week after purchasing Tier 2 before submitting this review. I can honestly say this is one of the best AppSumo deals ever, particularly if you are a regular user of ChatGPT.

Short summary:

- The quality of the output is impressive
- Custom actions are a great feature
- The extension is super user-friendly
- Support from Michal is excellent
- Feedback/suggestions are implemented

Quality of the output:

I’ve tested this extensively with GPT 4, and I’m positively surprised by the output. Sure, if you use really advanced prompts, you may notice the difference with ChatGPT using a trained model, but in that case, you can provide a little more instruction to achieve the same result. However, in 95% of cases, Voila gives me the desired outcome. For this reason alone, it’s a no-brainer.

Custom actions:

This feature is excellent. As it currently stands with 750 characters, I only have a few use cases. Still, Michal already confirmed that the input field would be extended to 7500 characters, making this feature even more powerful and efficient for advanced prompts.

User-friendliness of Voila:

It’s straightforward to use. Whether you want to extract data from a webpage or use it like ChatGPT, it’s incredibly intuitive.

Support & Roadmap:

I encountered some initial difficulties but was glad I did because they allowed me to test customer support :-)

Well, support is top-notch. I genuinely appreciate how Michal helped me while also being open to suggestions for enhancing Voila even further.

Looking at the roadmap shows how much Voila has improved already. Personally, with the upcoming update bringing a 7500-character input field for custom actions, I believe Voila’s possibilities are endless.

Having said that, scroll through questions here and watch the roadmap progress: there are many more fantastic features to come!


This deal is one you won’t want to miss - not just for the product it is now, but even more so for what it will become.

by sharp_80


Ho avuto il piacere di provare questo prodotto e devo dire che sono rimasto estremamente soddisfatto consiglio vivamente questo prodotto a chiunque sia alla ricerca di un prodotto di alta qualità con funzionalità, è il primo prodotto che acquisto su AppSumo e devo dire che questo mi sta risolvendo un sacco di cose.
Luca s.

by 113213272705972053457

Anything is possible with this!

This is easily in my top 3 purchases in my Appsumo history; if not #1. it's rare that you find a product that makes you say "I'm going to use this everyday for the rest of my life." Voila is that type of software. It does what it says on the label. This program can really be a game changer for your business and your life in general. As a software junkie. I'm glad I invested in Voila. If you got a question that's appropriate, it has an answer." It's truly conversational.
If any product on Appsumo deserved 5000 tacos it would be this one.

by producingfire1

Simply WOW

I must say that I am genuinely impressed by my experience while using this tool. It is incredibly intuitive and effortless to navigate, making it a joy to use on a regular basis. I have taken the time to explore and test most of the features and functions that it offers, and each one has exceeded my expectations.

All in all, I can confidently say that this is an essential browser extension that everybody should have in their toolkit. The convenience it provides, along with its user-friendly interface, makes the investment well worth it. In fact, when considering its overall value and usefulness, you’ll find that every penny spent on acquiring this tool is entirely justified.

Voila! Don’t hesitate to give this fantastic browser extension a try - you won’t be disappointed by its capabilities and ease-of-use.

by Zedd

best service I've ever had at AppSumo

One of the most striking aspects of Voilà is its impressive range of capabilities that cater to diverse applications. Voilà comprehensive suite enables users to unlock new possibilities and solve complex problems quickly.

by Heeeth

Productivity Crusher

I am pleased with what Voila can offer. It's a fantastic AI tool for anyone looking for quick access to AI assistant for serious work.

The only thing I would like to see is an improvement making the input/output box movable. Because it cannot be moved at this moment when I need to paste the output text on my work panel blocked by Voila box, I need to close Voila. Restarting Voila loses all the previous conversation!

Keep up the good work! 5 tacos.

by tschoo

This is Disappointing

I purchased Tier 2. I have been using Chat GPT for free for a while now, and I'm shocked by the poor answers provided by Voila.

I have no idea why this is happening, but I use the chat feature in Dutch. The responses I receive simply do not make sense. It feels like they are literally translated from English, which results in inaccuracies. Additionally, there are spelling mistakes throughout the text, not just minor errors, but entire sections that are completely off-topic. However, the free version of Chat GPT is significantly better. I didn't expect this outcome.

by Mr_MjaY

Top Notch AI Assistance

Voilà Assistant is a handy and versatile tool designed to help with various tasks while browsing the internet. By quickly using the ⌘+M keyboard shortcut, users can access its wide range of features on any website.

Based on my experience, Voilà Assistant’s features work very well. These include grammar and spelling correction, text improvement, content expansion or condensation, and webpage summarization.

Additionally, the Dark Mode option offers a visually appealing interface and adds elegance to the user experience.

In summary, Voilà Assistant has the potential to transform how people interact with online content and greatly benefits users in their online activities.

I purchased Tier 2 and couldn't be more pleased.

Good luck with sales!

by HLM

No need to pay for or hire a writing assistant!

“I didn’t really have the money for the tool, but I bought it anyway. The lifetime deal and testing it out made me realize I will get my money’s worth in the long term.” I bought an unlimited plan for Voila tier 2. Grammarly is worth $12 a month, so the tool will pay for itself in a year. I hate monthly fees and love lifetime deals!

I have Linguix and ProWriting Aid for lifetime deals. They fix spelling and grammatical errors, but the "improve writing" and "fix grammar and spelling" of Voila are a nice touch. Voila improves writing, really takes your sentence, and makes it much better.

I experimented with the Voila Chat GPT software asking questions and making replies to emails and this tool will be a handy tool for my tool belt. I really liked how it can improve a sentence. No need to pay for or hire a writing assistant! Hooray! 5 tacos.

This program is going to sell well!

I hope that they add a safari extension.

by AhayahAssemblyChurch

Simply Gold! Love it.

I compared ChatGpt and Voila and find that Viola gave me a much better outcome, plus convenience of the app, as it makes it so easy for me to get my work done quickly and efficiently. After testing out the app, I immediately upgraded to the unlimited plan and haven't looked back since.

by GoodNewsNow

great help

I thought that this tool wasn’t necessary besides chatGPT. But I am very surprised at how helpful the tool Voila is. I don’t want to work without it anymore. Many thanks to the developers!

by Anonymous

Et Voila!

I completely understand the struggle of generating fresh and unique content, but with the help of this AI-powered personal assistant, that challenge can become a thing of the past! This cutting-edge technology is incredibly useful for writers who need assistance in research, focus and productivity. With its advanced abilities to provide valuable insights and relevant information in real-time, you can stay on track and create high-quality content tailored specifically to your brand.

Best of all, this innovative tool is easy to access right from your browser so you can work more efficiently without wasting time switching between different applications. I highly recommend giving it a try if you’re looking to take your writing game to the next level!

by KazunLK

Love it

Honestly love it.

I have paid ChatGPT, but I love this for quick actions, like responding to emails. You won't get the full advantage of conversation, but for quick tasks this is absolutely incredible and has me wondering if I should just cancel my other plan. Especially if I can use the API in the future for GPT-4.

Honestly, I am not sure how you are going to sustain the unlimited option for app sumo, I get it for a paid subscription model, but if they are crazy enough to offer it, l am silly enough to take it.

Would love to see a native application / program so I could use it outside the browser.

by Anonymous


Voila is very slick and I am happy with it so far. I am waiting for the prompt length to be added and am excited to have the option to bring my own API key so I can use whichever model I need without limitation. I would also like to see custom characters, templates and document upload similar to TypingMind. For a new product, Voila is well on its way.

by zekeducker

Guess what -.-!!

As someone who has struggled with writer’s block and finding fresh ideas, I was intrigued to try Voilà - an AI-powered personal assistant designed to help with writing, research, and task management.

Upon using the tool, I found it very intuitive and user-friendly. The interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. It seamlessly integrates into my browser, allowing me to access its features whenever I need them.

One of the most helpful features of Voilà is its ability to provide suggestions for better word choices, sentence structure, tone and even grammar. This AI-powered assistance made the process of writing much more efficient and effective. It saved me time on editing and re-writing while significantly improving the quality of my content.

Another feature that I found useful was its ability to answer research questions directly from the browser. This eliminated the need for me to switch between different tabs or windows saving me time and effort.

Finally, Voilà’s task management capabilities helped me stay on track with my tasks by keeping me focused on what’s important. As a busy professional, this feature reduced my stress levels while increasing productivity.

While I found Voilà extremely helpful in generating creative ideas quickly and efficiently, it cannot entirely replace human creativity or manual research methods. However, as a supplement to traditional methods or as a starting point for content creation, Voilà is an excellent tool that can save a significant amount of time while enhancing brand image.

Overall, I highly recommend Voilà for anyone looking to improve their writing skills or manage their tasks more effectively right from their browser without sacrificing quality.

Review Written by Voilà

by LtdsReview

Wow ! Impressive

I've been REALLY impressed by Voila.

It did generate on a very small niche very accurate statistics and references, givening even the links !

Fantastic quality of the output, very long text, detailed.
Please the unlimited deal makes it a no brainer !

Thanks for this HUGE opportunity.
One of the best tool I've invested in.

by Queviko

🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮 Voila AI Browser Plugin

I recently discovered the Voila AI browser plugin through Appsumo , Jumped onboard and it did not disappoint.

User-friendly interface: The design is clean, intuitive, and visually appealing, which makes navigating the plugin a breeze even for users who may not be as tech-savvy.

The Gmail Integration worked without any issues at all and the outputs are usable without any modification requirements.

One suggestion that could further elevate Voila’s capabilities would be an integration with Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This would allow users to harness the power of Voila’s AI while working on their documents and presentations—boosting productivity even more!

I would also like to see different use cases to utilize its power at full potential.

by SatishKumarSingh

GPT on standby

Looks very very good so far.

I see it's already on the roadmap but would appreciate if Google Sheets integration could be added ASAP.

by dvindustries

Supercharging my workflow

This is the closest I have been to fully integrate AI to my daily workflow.

I work a lot on social media, send emails, edit website copy, translate, summarize... and so far I had to copy the text I want to work with and paste it into other services like ChatGPT (or any other AI Writer), AND THEN, put it back on my website/email/social media profile.... too many steps...

With Voila, I do everything within the same window or tab I'm working on, simply open the extension (ALT-W) and do ask Voila to perform the desired action for me.

The developers seem very open to our feedback so far, they are constantly improving it, and I'm sure they will make Voila one of the best AI assistants in the market. Keep it up guys!

by lfcamacho

Excellent AI tool

Very intuitive, easy to use and very reasonable pricing.
Glad to hear a dedicated app is on the roadmap.
One thing I'd like to see is an extension for Safari so I can use Voila on my iPad.
Jump on the LTD now or you'll regret missing out on this as it's only going to get better.

by brian403

Amazing AI assistant

Voilà is an AI assistant browser extension that is a versatile and handy tool that helps users with various tasks such as generating text, writing emails, creating content, and even providing quick answers to questions.

The AI assistant can be used on any website, making it incredibly convenient for users who need assistance across multiple platforms. You can just install the extension in your favorite browser, and you’ll have the power of GPT-4 at your fingertips.

Compared to other AI assistant services available in the market, the Voilà offers a competitive pricing structure that makes it accessible for both personal and professional use. This affordability ensures more people can take advantage of its features without breaking their budget.

The user interface of the Voilà is quite intuitive and easy to navigate, even for those who may not have prior experience with such tools. This ease of use allows users to efficiently utilize the product’s features without any hassle.

Limited availability as a browser extension: The major drawback of this product is that it is only available as a browser extension, rather than offering a standalone web application. Users who would prefer accessing their AI assistant through a separate app or portal may find this limitation somewhat restricting.

Overall, if you are comfortable using a browser extension and are looking for an AI assistant that offers versatility and affordability, the Voilà is definitely worth considering.

by chelsea64

I am impressed…

I am impressed… very good addition to make, so yes it’s not completely version 4 of Gpt, I have the paid version of it, but don’t miss out on this offer, there is real work behind it, some rookie mistakes, but nothing serious.

by Fabien_

That's just smart!

Now I have tested a lot of products from the AI area. Some are very complex. What they all have in common is that they are their own application that you have to switch to first. You work a lot with copy paste.

Now here comes a simple browser plugin that has so much usefulness under the hood. GPT is now always accessible, everywhere. In emails, on websites, in Tiny MCEs and the backend of content management systems, inside the text editors of other AI writing vendors.

Voila gives me the ability to use AI anytime, anywhere, on the side in my daily work. The quality of the output is mega and absolutely comparable to the result of ChatGPT plus.

What would be a great addition from my point of view would be to give the plugin web access so that it can pull and process information directly from URLs and serp results. But this is just the start and I think this is a future favorite tool for a lot of users.

Extremely worth mentioning are the custom templates that you can create and thus expand the already existing set.

Ingenious throw. This is a top product.

by medienpilot

Awesome tool can’t wait to see where it goes

Very handy tool like Jaspers Chrome extension to help write an edit content on the go works great with content editors of your choice.

My own use case is it can help me edit a draft from other tools and make areas sound more engaging and less repetitive without having to load up another tab login and click a few buttons. A true time saver and useful tool especially with the current deal and it’s only going to get better. :)

by tom895

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